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Written by Colleen Kalil

Transform Your Basic Bathroom Into Your Private Spa Oasis

There’s nothing like going to the spa after a long day. Why not turn your bathroom into your own little private spa? All it takes is a few additions to create a spa-like atmosphere. Here are some ways you can upgrade your bathroom with just a few minor adjustments. 

Install Dimming Lights

If you want to take an intimate bath, consider installing ceiling lights or wall scones that include dimmer controls. With a dimmer, you can soften the lighting and create a spa oasis whenever you want to relax in the bathtub.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Clutter can cause stress. That’s why it’s better to keep your bathroom organized and in order. Storage space is an issue when you have a small bathroom. Get rid of the expired medications and old toiletries that you no longer use. To avoid clutter on your bathroom counters, organize your items inside glass jars that add a touch of elegance.

Install a Massaging Shower Head

A massaging shower head is a must-have if you want to create a spa-like bathroom. It won’t take up any space in your shower. It’s so relaxing that you’ll want to use it everyday.

Would you rather have a fancy tub in your bathroom? Consider installing a bathtub with a massaging shower head. Or, you could upgrade your current shower with a modern shower head that will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Warm Up Your Bath Towels

You don’t want to warm up with cold towels. To retain moisture and body heat from your shower, you want to cuddle up with a fluffy, warm towel after a long day. Towel warmers have become a popular option. You can enjoy the warmth of a towel without having to go to a five-star hotel or an upscale spa. If you want to dry your towels, towel-warming bars are a great addition to your bathroom.

Use Oil Diffusers Instead of Candles

While candles create ambiance, oil diffusers are safer to use. Most women love to unwind after a long day by burning candles around their bathtub. In addition to the fragrance, the flame of the candles can create a warm ambiance. It adds a touch of romance too. From a safety standpoint, oil diffusers are a wiser choice and are just as relaxing.

Turning your bathroom into your personal spa isn’t as hard or as expensive as you think. With just a few additions, you can turn your bathroom in your own spa oasis, even if you have little space. Contact University Painters to get a free estimate on your bathroom project.