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Written by Colleen Kalil

2020’s Anticipated Color Trends

At University Painters, we understand the importance of designing a home environment that reflects your own personality and style. If you’re considering an interior color change, take a look at the contemporary paint palettes predicted to influence home decorating trends in the new decade.

Earlier this summer, Sherwin Williams released a color forecast of 45 hues the paint company expects will make waves in 2020. The colors are divided into 5 themes, all of which are intended to evoke tranquility and joy and serve as a counterbalance to the stresses in our modern lives.

Alive—The colors in the Alive palette are deep, rich jewel tones reminiscent of brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables. The hues are inspired by mindful living and reflect the food we choose to put into our bodies. This palette celebrates thoughtfulness, time spent with our families, and peaceful hours spent at home. Ripe olives and fresh blues are some of the hallmarks of the Alive palette.

Mantra—Mantra is intended to conjure soothing images of Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism. This palette draws its inspiration from natural materials and includes both cool and warm tones. They are versatile neutrals that complement a range of design styles.

Play—The Play palette is just what it suggests—fun, bold, and bright colors that add sudden bursts of color and interest to a room. It’s all about leaving cares and worries behind by releasing your inner child and embracing playfulness in everyday life. Aquas, bright pinks, and gold hues all play starring roles in this joyful palette.

Haven—Harkening back to last year’s nature-based palette, Haven is inspired by the gentle tones of the natural world. Its subtle shades reflect hues of the sea, forest, and sky. This palette soothes the senses and brings nature into your home.

Heart—The final palette in the 2020 forecast includes a selection of warm neutrals and brights such as clove and soft coral that complement popular mid-century furnishing styles. They also pair well with soft earth tones.

Whichever palette best suits your own personal decorating style, University Painters can help you bring your artistic vision to life. For more information on our services or to schedule an estimate, please visit our website at https://universitypainters.com.