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Written by Colleen Kalil

A Vision for Your Conference Room

If you are a small business owner, you are aware of the importance of presentation to attracting customers. You keep your building’s exterior and grounds pristine because this invites people to consider your product or services. It’s like a paperless commercial calling card. There’s nothing that brings more pride and satisfaction than pulling up to your business each day and seeing what you have built!

We would like to suggest you pay the same attention to your building’s interior as well. Often, there are certain rooms in your business that tend to get less attention than others which leads to a ‘worn out’ look. This may be your employee lounge, production area or storage area. Make it a habit to walk your building’s interior on a regular basis to identify rooms that may have fallen into disrepair.

If your company conducts business with customers on site, you likely use a conference room. This is definitely one place that you want to be your show piece! How often have you used yours in the last month? Many organizations use their conference rooms to give talks or lectures, hold staff meetings and meet with potential and current clients. The conference room is an extension of your business’s professional presentation and you want it to reflect the company’s message. It is one of the main areas that should always be ‘staged’ – it is your business interior’s first impression in many instances.

Take the time to look your conference room over with a critical eye today. Does it look dingy? Something as simple as a fresh paint job can give off a silent message to employees and customers. It says you value them as workers and potential clients. However, do your homework and create a total plan.

That should include consideration of what technology might be an important asset to your conference room. Today’s conference rooms often house the most advanced and innovative technology as well as comfortable and well-appointed furnishings. They are understated, comfortable, technologically enhanced and a great place to get business done.

Create a vision for your conference room. Then contact the professional painters at University Painters, Inc. We can make your ideas a reality and turn your conference room into the most useful place on your commercial site.