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Written by Colleen Kalil

Are You Stuck on Stucco?

The exteriors of homes can be made of many different types of materials. There’s processed wood, siding, brick and more. One type of home exterior material that can prove to be especially challenging to construct, maintain and paint is stucco.

Stucco is ‘fine plaster’. It is used on certain interior decorations and molding or as coating for the surfaces of walls. Stucco is durable and resists all types of weather so it is an excellent choice for a home’s exterior. Too, it can be turned into various patterns. The appearance may be smooth, raked, or even circular to give a home a unique look.

Stucco is not expensive as it is made from lime, sand and cement. It is simply a wonderful alternative for your home’s exterior. Even so, it will need to be refreshed with a fresh coat of paint. But, before you think about opening that first new can of paint, follow the same procedure you would with any exterior painting job.

Begin by walking the entire perimeter of your home. Look for places that are showing signs of wear, tiny cracks and holes, mildew or other damage. Next, power wash the entire exterior then perform a second walk around. This will help you confirm what areas really need repair and what might have been hidden by dirt!

Fill any small holes and cracks with a siliconized caulk. Make sure that the caulk has time to set and dry before moving forward. Now, before putting on that final coat of paint, do your home a favor and add a layer of acrylic primer. This helps to secure the weather resistant properties of the paint you are about to apply. In other words, it adds to the staying power of the paint while also enhancing the color you will apply.

Next apply the paint. It is best to paint around the exterior of the windows, doors and trim first to set up a nice perimeter border. Be sure to add a second coat.

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