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Written by Colleen Kalil

Avoid These Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colors

It is crucial to make an educated choice when selecting paint colors for your home. You do not want to live in a home with colors that are either too boring or too overwhelming. Make sure to avoid the following mistakes people often make when choosing paint colors:

Failing To Take The Furniture And Decor Into Consideration

It isn’t a good idea to choose a paint color simply because it is your favorite hue. Consider all the elements in a room or your house when choosing a paint color. You do not want a paint color that clashes with your couch or favorite painting.

Thinking That All Colors Are Equal

Colors can vary greatly. If you want to paint one room in your house gray, do not think that any gray will do or you may end up disappointed with the painted hue. Like any other colors, there are variations of the color gray. There are green-grays, pale grays with blue undertones and beige grays. These variations are not exact color matches. Choose the general color that you like but you will want to try out many of its different shades in the room. You can test the swatches to see how a particular shade looks with your lighting and furniture.

Making Decisions Based Only On Paint Swatches

Tiny paint swatches can help you judge colors and give you an idea how they would look in a room.  Experts, however, do not think it is possible to get a true sense of how a color will look based only on paint swatches.

Make the most of the color samples that you have. Try to paint a poster board and move it around into various parts of the room to experience different lighting at different times of the day. This should give you a better idea of how the shade will look once it is painted on the wall.

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