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Written by Colleen Kalil

Beware of Paint Contractor Scams

The contracting industry is all abuzz lately because scamming is wreaking havoc with manyr businesses. Here are just a few examples of what you as a consumer should be on guard against!

While technology has been a boon to the human race – opening up new and wonderful possibilities in all areas of life – it has also become an avenue for tricking people out of their hard earned money. Texting is the latest medium for scamming. For example, a bona fide painting contractor recently received a text asking for a quote on a job. But, several mistakes appeared in the request and the contractor politely explained that he only gives quotes once he has seen the structure and can do a walk-through to better estimate the amount of time and work that will be required. The scammer then stated he was out of town and he was giving the contractor permission to go ahead and make the quote. The contractor put the issue to bed by saying that he would contact the realtor who recently sold the home and see if he would be willing to open the house up. By the way, the home had been recently purchased but it had been done in a different name than the scammer gave. Once this offer was made the scammer ended all contact.

There are other fraudulent schemes that contractors and consumers should watch out for. One is a request for the payment to be made in full up front before any work has begun. Reputable and licensed contractors will provide a contract and the usual amount that states will allow to be paid upfront is 10% of the total cost.

In fact, if you have a painter that does not want to provide a contract who says you should just take their word for it – move on! There is are guarantees without a contract. Contracts are legally binding and should be signed by both parties. With all the exceptional painting companies in the business you should have no trouble finding the right one for your job.

As if the aforementioned hustles aren’t enough, still another bit of trickery is for the contractor to ask for more money because they ‘ran into unforeseen problems’. The responsibility to provide an accurate quote for all work to be done rests with the painting contractor. Any unforeseen problems will be their responsibility unless you have requested changes.

If you are in the market to have painting done at your house or place of business, contact the honest professionals at University Painters, Inc.