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Written by Colleen Kalil

Commercial Business Painting Advice

Research shows that three-fourths of businesses in this country are small proprietorships or partnership-owned. These are companies that have become successful through the sweat, hard-work and dedication of the owners who often started out with only an idea. Indeed, small and medium-sized businesses have a lot to be proud of and part of this pride should show through in their building’s presentation. You want the outside of your company to be inviting and offer a professional appearance.

As a result, you may include building and grounds maintenance and upkeep as part of your annual budget. This may encompass regular painting to ensure the business always gives a fresh and inviting presentation. If so, there are certain steps that should be taken to keep that exterior pristine. While you may have heard some of this advice before it is valuable to revisit certain issues to ensure you are addressing them in a timely manner.

One way to avoid having to redo the paint job on the exterior of your building is to address maintenance on a regular basis. Begin by keeping the building’s exterior clean. Have your business pressure washed on a regular basis. This will remove grime, dirt and the dozens of other types of pollutants from the surface that tend to cause paint to crack and fade over time.

Regularly walk the grounds of your building all the way around. Look closely for maintenance issues that can cause problems with your paint job. For example, there may be small areas in which the paint is stripping or fading. Sooner rather than later is the best time to address these issues. Call in a professional painter to refresh these small places.
Keep the surfaces caulked and sealed. If you allow caulk and sealant to crack, it opens the door for a variety of problems with the paint job. First, it looks unsightly to see cracked caulking and sealant. Second, unaddressed issues can allow water to leak in and air conditioning or heat to leak out of the building and increase the cost of your utilities and maintenance down the road.

Your business’s exterior look is a reflection on you! Keep it maintained and you could be saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the end. Contact the experts in building exterior maintenance at University Painters, Inc. It is our pleasure to partner with companies in their quest to look good.