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Written by Colleen Kalil

Commercial Painting Services

There are a wide variety of industrial, retail and office buildings that require regular repainting to keep the exterior looking fresh and inviting. This type of painting has different expectations than painting the exterior of a home. While both are important, if you are in the market for a commercial painter, be sure to ask for references to determine if they have completed any of the following types of jobs. Commercial painting is much different than house painting and you want to be sure the company you hire is up to the job!

• Condos, apartments and HOAs. Commercial painting professionals know that the best time to undertake these projects is in the spring when there is a better chance of multiple days without inclement weather. April, May and June are great times for exterior painting of projects of this size.

Your commercial painter should know that it is important for the weather to be dry over several days and that the forecast is for it to remain that way for the duration of the project. Water or moisture in the form of humidity or a high dew point can cause mildew, water rot, and paint failure.

Commercial painters of large properties such as apartments or condo units begin by inspecting the entire property for any problems with the surfaces to determine if repairs must be made prior to painting.

Next, the commercial painter should clean the surface using high pressured water. This should be done twice. The first time will loosen the dirt and impurities and the second cleaning will then wash them away. After this, repairs of cracks and removal of loose paint can be completed.

Exteriors should then be primed. Priming acts as an initial coat for the walls. It makes the surface smooth and ‘stable’ before the paint is applied. In the end, a primer gives the paint a more polished look while also increasing the life of the paint job.

The final step is to paint. Once this is done, the professional commercial paint company should do a complete and thorough walk through to ensure the job looks good from all angles.

Commercial property managers should consider painting the exteriors annually. It keeps the property looking pristine and presentable and helps to maintain its value. If you are in the market for exceptional commercial property painters, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc. We’ve got you covered!