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Written by Colleen Kalil

Common Problems Encountered by Residential Paint Companies

The exteriors of homes receive some of the greatest punishment. No matter what the weather, it can adversely affect the paint of the exterior siding and the trim. The rains of spring, the hot sunshine of summer and the winter snow and sleet that occurs around a good part of the country all combine to cause wear and tear on the home. Today’s paints are made to stand up to the constant assault of the weather but even so, eventually you will need to update your home’s exterior. What follows are some issues that you will encounter if you stay in your home long enough!

• Paint blistering. A blister is a tiny raised bubble. If you have ever stayed out in the sunshine too long and gotten a sunburn it will often turn to little blisters before the skin peels away. The same can be said for the paint on your home. Blisters may appear in the paint if it was originally applied when the sun was too hot, or there was dew or humidity in the air at the time of painting. Your home may also be in need of better ventilation.

• Chalking. Chalk is powdery and leaves a residue on surfaces including the exterior of the home. Most experts agree that a little bit of chalking is not uncommon nor is it something to worry about. However, it can be an indication that the paint used was of a lesser quality or had been thinned. When severe, there may be runoff from the side of the home which stains other surfaces. Chalking can also be a sign that porous areas of the home that were painted were likely not sealed correctly. To correct this condition, power wash the side of the home to assess the extent of the chalking then consider repainting.

• Alligatoring. This is the formation of cracks and grooves in a paint job that causes it to resemble the skin of an alligator. There are multiple causes of this including the use of excessively thick paint or the second coat of paint was applied before the first coat was fully dry. Of course, the home’s exterior may develop these cracks as a part of the natural aging process as well. The only option is to sand off the old paint and apply a high-quality new coating.

University Painters, Inc. knows all about the common issues that homeowners experience. We are professionals who can help you solve these problems!