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Written by Colleen Kalil

Getting Your Backyard Ready For Barbecue Time

Summertime is the best time for people to come together and have a good time. The idea of hosting your party can seem overwhelming. You have to deal with the planning, preparing, cleaning, and entertaining. Follow these steps to ensure that your backyard party is a success.

First! Plan Your Guest List

Planning is the most important part of any party. Planning is essential when it comes to your barbecue. You need to create several lists for guests, supplies, food, beverages, decorations, and other items you’ll need. 

Start with your guest list and write out your invitations. Electronic invitations or snail mail invitations are both acceptable for a casual summertime barbecue. Next plan the drinks and beverages you’re going to need. Unless you’re using a caterer, make sure your grill is in good working condition.

Cook and Prepare Your Food Ahead Of Time

You’ll want to prepare as much food as you can before your party. It can be stressful to prepare dishes while your guests are in the backyard and waiting around.

There will be things you won’t be able to do until the day of your backyard party. But, you still want to plan your food preparation accordingly to minimize any mishaps. Devote time to decorate your yard or set up your buffet. You also want to make sure your guests are comfortable once they arrive.

Get The Right Entertainment Going

Don’t be afraid to crank up the stereo. But don’t turn it up so loud that you annoy your neighbors. You can turn one of your interior speakers towards one of your windows to help magnify the sound so its focused on your backyard party. Even a small boombox works in a pinch.

Create your own playlist for your party ahead of time. Use an internet radio station that includes commercial-free music. If you’re an organized party planner, you can create your own playlist the night before and save it on your phone or tablet.

Don’t Forget the Cleanup Process!

Depending how late the party goes, you might want to save the cleanup for the next morning. Otherwise, ask some of your guests to stick around and help with cleaning up and putting the food away. Paper plates and cups are must-haves for the cleanup process, so you’re not wasting time washing dishes.

Make sure no food is left outside so critters don’t find their way into your backyard. Keep a handful of garbage bags around to prevent your guests from littering. Hosting a backyard party is a great way to spend time with friends and family. University Painters can give the exterior of your house a fresh coat of paint. Contact us today for a free estimate.