Written by Josh Jablon

Give it a Paint-Over! Using Paint to Give Common Objects New Life

Are you looking for a new crafting project? Are you on a budget and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Are you tired of worn old objects in your home dampening your vibe?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on to learn about five common object that you may already have in your home. With a fresh coat of paint, these objects will take on new purpose in your home and will give it that fresh, creative lift you’ve been looking for — all on a budget!

Tip #1: Spray Paint a Coffee Cup Stand

Remember those old wooden coffee cup stands with pegs for hanging the handles of coffee cups? Your grandmother probably still has one in her kitchen, and if you don’t have one nearby, you’ll likely be able to spot one in your local thrift store.

You can give your wooden coffee cup stand new life with a little spray paint — and an entirely new role as a jewelry stand. Simply choose your paint color, spray the stand until it is fully covered, let it dry, and place it in a cool, dark place for at least a month so that it can cure. The last step is especially important. You don’t want to hang anything on the pegs until the paint has cured because the paint could peel off onto whatever you hang on it.

From there, use your newly-painted coffee cup stand as a jewelry organizer. It’s perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Set it up on a counter in your bathroom, on your vanity, or atop your bedroom dresser.

Pro tip: Take the pegs out of the coffee mug stand if they budge. That way, you’ll be able to douse the pegs fully with paint and leave no corner of the stand untouched.

Tip #2: Paint Your Candlestick Holders

Remember those old candlesticks you got for your wedding that are now collecting dust in a storage box somewhere? Why not re-energize them with a little paint? This is a fun way to add a pop of color to an otherwise bland kitchen table or fireplace mantle.

There are a variety of ways to add design and flair to your candlesticks. For example, you could spray paint them a bright yellow or hot pink. You also could use painter’s tape to cover the top half of the candlestick holder and spray paint the bottom half. Take off the tape to reveal a modern design that pairs crystal or wood with a pop of streamlined design and color.

Pro tip: This idea is a great one to keep in mind for a rainy day when you need something fun to do indoors.

Tip #3: Spray Paint a Frame

Give new life to an old and tired mirror or picture frame by spray painting the frame. You don’t even have to take the mirror out of the frame. Simply line the edges of the mirror that are touching the frame with painter’s tape. Then, cover the mirror with newspaper and secure flat against the glass surface with more tape. You want to make sure the spray paint does not get underneath the newspaper edges.

From there, spray paint your frame until thoroughly coated. Let dry for 24 hours and then enjoy hanging it in your home. You’ll get instant energy by seeing what looks like a new piece of furniture on your wall!

Pro tip: Make sure the mirror is fully dry before hanging it — especially if it is heavy — as you don’t want to accidentally scratch the new finish.

Tip #4: Paint Lines on a Glass Vase

You probably have several unused florist vases collecting dust under your sink, or stowed away in a closet. They look more or less the same and serve the same purpose, so what use is there in keeping them?
Before you throw them out, consider turning your old vases into a fun, easy craft project. You can give an old glass vase new by using painter’s tape to create clean bands around the width of the vase. Create a design of horizontal or vertical stripes on cylindrical vase. Or you can add a large band that covers the bottom third of the base.

Then, spray paint or use a foam brush to add color to the areas where the glass is still showing. Allow to dry thoroughly before carefully removing the tape and adding your fresh flowers. Voila! A new scene awaits you at the kitchen table or on your bedside table.

Pro tip: If you have a particularly large collection of vases, consider making painted ones to give away with fresh flowers as gifts. These make the perfect gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and other occasions.

Tip #5: Paint Old Appliances

If your old but beloved appliances are dragging down your kitchen’s aesthetic, but you hesitate to shell out for brand new ones, why not give them a new paint job? You can use old wall paint if you like, but appliance paint tends to work best.

First, make sure that the appliance getting a makeover has been unplugged and pulled away from the wall—take it outside if possible. Clean the appliance thoroughly to get rid of all grease, grime, or other residue that might prevent paint from sticking. Then apply the paint in thin, even coats, letting it dry thoroughly between coats. Don’t forget to open the windows and run a fan if you’re doing this indoors; no one likes paint fumes. In the end, you’ll have a brand new look for little cost!

Pro tip: If your kitchen is neutral-colored, paint your appliances in a pop-out color like red or teal to give it a fun new vibe.

Ready to Paint?

If you’ve read all the way to this point, then it’s time to get your craft project started. Start by identifying the everyday objects that can use a refresh, then get to work bringing new life and new beauty into your home. The projects we have suggested make great DIYs, but as you look around, keep in mind that some projects — especially the larger ones — are best left to the pros for best results.