Repaint,University Painters
Written by Colleen Kalil

Ho Ho Ho – Home for the Holidays

Have you looked around the interior of your home with a critical eye as the holidays approach? Do you see a smudge here, a scuff there? Unnoticeable to the soon-to-be guests but to you each mark seems to be magnified! So, you run around creating perfection from imperfection and just as you sit down in front of the fireplace it hits you! The fireplace needs refurbishing! After all, it is Santa’s entryway and you want it to be flawless.

Time to get out the paint and paintbrush. Yes, fireplaces can be painted! Begin by scrubbing down the area so you can get a true idea of how the area looks unadorned. This only requires the use of warm soapy water and a wire brush that can be used to scrub the bricks clean of any soot and debris. Sand down any loose mortar and rinse thoroughly. Let the fireplace dry for at least 24 hours then speckle the holes and cracks. Again, give the fireplace time to dry again.

The next step is taking the time to look at images of similar hearths to get ideas of how you want yours to look when you are done. Some people like a modern look while others prefer classic. You may want to create a striking contrast between the fireplace and the surrounding walls. You may instead prefer to make the fireplace the same color as the walls so it blends in.

Now, the best way to ensure that the undertaking is successful is to gather all of the materials and supplies you will need in advance. In that way you will not need to stop and start and drag the project out. This may include everything from paint to tarp, painting tape to spackling, caulking, paint brushes of multiple sizes and types and anything you may feel is essential for a proper job.

Finally, you are ready to paint! Start with that primer. It lays down a coat that evens out the paint that is laid over it. When it comes to fireplaces – start at the top and work your way down the structure. A water-based paint is your best choice. Remember to let it dry thoroughly before deciding if a second coat is needed.

The only thing left to do now is wait for Santa! When you need support for your next residential or commercial painting project, contact the experienced professionals at University Painters, Inc. We’ve got you covered!