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Written by Colleen Kalil

How To Prepare Your Home For An Interior Paint Job

Hiring a professional can save you the hassles of painting the interior of your home yourself.  All you have to do is sit back and relax while the painter does the hard work for you. If you want things to get done faster, however, here are some things you can do prior to the arrival of the painting service contractor:

Remove Hangings On The Wall

If you have framed wall decorations, pictures and mirrors hanging on the wall, take them down before the painter arrives. This will not only expedite the painting process but moving these valuables out of the way can also protect them from accidental damage. 

Clean The Walls To Be Painted

It is important to clean the walls, particularly those in high-traffic areas where the surface tends to be dirty or greasy such as the kitchen. The new paint will stick better to clean walls so you should use a lint-free cloth and a mild detergent to clean all the surfaces to be painted. Rinse the walls thoroughly after you’re done. The walls need to dry before they can be painted. You can use a fan to speed up the process.

Put Away Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes and blinds need to be removed if you do not want them to be accidentally ruined by paint splatters. This chore also gives you a chance to wash or steam dry these linens for an ultra clean home.

Clear The Room

Furniture should be kept away from the interior painting sites as much as possible. Put them into storage or into another room. The larger and heavier pieces can be moved to the middle of the room or you can cover them with protective sheets.

Vacuum the Carpets and Flooring

Running a vacuum cleaner over flooring or carpet before the painter arrives can prevent dust buildup on the wall after the paint job. You mat is completely dry before you clean up the painted room.y be excited to clean your house after the painting job is done but it is recommended that you wait until the pain

To ensure that you receive a quality interior painting job, make sure to work with a professional painting service contractor with years of experience in the industry. University Painters has been providing painting jobs to homes and commercial building for more than three decades. Contact us today to get a free estimate.