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Written by Colleen Kalil

Is Your Paint Surface Primed?

Many DIYers are not fully prepared to take on a home repair or maintenance job. One example is painting the inside or outside of your home. All too often home or business owners think they can save themselves money by completing a needed paint job themselves. It certainly looks easy enough! However, there are many nuances to the painting process the novice painter does not realize – one of the most common mistakes is failing to use a primer.

Primer is used as a preparatory coat for wood, metal, plaster or canvas that has never been painted. The purpose of a primer is to prevent layers of paint from being absorbed. Primer is deliberately light-colored so that it doesn’t compromise the color you have chosen for your final presentation.

Primer serves multiple purposes. First, it helps the layers that are applied after it to adhere more securely to the surface. If you were to paint directly on an unpainted surface the paint would seep into the plaster, wood or other finish. Each surface that is painted reacts differently to the pigment. By starting with a primer, you are better guaranteed that the paint you apply will be less likely to peel. That is because primer has properties that allow paint to better adhere over long periods of time.

Primer will also be necessary when you want to paint a light color over a darker one. The application of primer – a white color – helps to hide the darker color and allows the authentic tint of the new paint to be seen. In fact, it is essential to add a primer when changing from dark to light colors. Otherwise, the new color will be tainted and not reflect correctly.

Using a primer also ensures your paint will be more durable. For the money it just makes sense to use a primer for a longer lasting fresh look, inside or out. There are some paints that include primer in them that negates the need to add an extra coat on certain materials such as new drywall.

If you would like expert advice on when to apply primer, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc. We know painting inside and out.