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Written by Colleen Kalil

Keep that Paint Job Looking New

If you have just invested in an exterior residential painting job, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible before it needs repair. But that can be tricky because your home’s exterior is subject to the natural elements as well as other pesky problems that can quickly cause the pristine look to disappear. Here are some great ideas for keeping that paint job looking new for as long as possible!

• Keep the home’s exterior ‘clean’. That means washing it down regularly. Some options for washing can cause the paint job to deteriorate more quickly. For example, although power washing is effective it is also harsher and may harm the fresh paint. Remember, that jet is designed to be powerful and is strong enough to even damage bricks. Choose a garden hose for cleaning and avoid harsh chemicals. Plain old soap and water should do the trick.
• If you have sprinklers in your lawn be sure their nozzles are turned away from the home’s exterior. The constant assault of sprinkler water can leave water patterns on your home and clogged sprinkler heads can have the same concentrated effect as a power washer. In fact, keep your sprinklers and their heads in good working condition for the sake of your plants, yard and home.
• Set some ground rules for children. For instance, they should not bounce balls or other items on the sides of the house. Set up a play area far enough away from the home to prevent marks from play items that could inadvertently hit the house. And, of course, no coloring or marking on the walls either.
• Although everyone loves the look of lush greenery and flowers adorning their homes, they can also damage the paint. The best advice is to keep an eye on your trees, bushes and flowers and cut them back if they begin to touch the home’s exterior. Many plants and bushes can leave marks on a paint job that are more difficult to remove than other dirt. As much as you may enjoy the look of ivy and vines crawling up the side of a home, be prepared to redo the entire exterior of the wall where the vines grew and perhaps the entire house to ensure it presents in one color.

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