MD,University Painters
Written by Colleen Kalil

Maintaining Your Commercial Business Floors

Most business owners are particular about the exterior of their buildings because they know customers are drawn to companies that make a good outside ‘first impression’. However, many small and medium sized business owners postpone the care and maintenance of their business interior flooring. Unfortunately, this is not always the best business decision because floors that fall into disrepair can be more costly to fix in the end than if the owner had kept them up all along. Here are some suggestions for improving the look of your business floors.

First, know what you are looking for. Cracks and uneven floors may seem minor, but they can lead to injuries and damage to products. Too, it is important to note areas that tend to become slippery for any number of reasons. Perhaps there is a small leak that puddles or oil from a machine sprays onto the floor. These are lawsuits just waiting to happen while causing a breakdown of the floor’s integrity.

Start by giving your entire building’s interior a complete walk-through when no one is on site. When you are in the middle of a busy day and your employees are working you may easily overlook problem areas such as cracks in the corner or under a machine that is being used.

Take pictures of anything that looks amiss on your commercial floors. Then get quotes from commercial flooring experts on the steps they would take to repair your floor. Be sure to properly screen any potential companies in advance before making your decision.

Perhaps this is a job that can be done in house. If you have employees with the training required to repair and/or maintain a commercial floor, then get their opinions as well. After all, they are there every day and have good insight into all aspects of the issue.

A well-maintained commercial floor is a reflection on you as a business owner. It says you care about your employees’ health and morale. If you need more information on floor maintenance, contact University Painters, Inc.