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Written by Josh Jablon

Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating A Small Space

Many homeowners, particularly those who live in densely populated urban cities, no longer decorate sprawling and multi-room houses but rather more compact apartments and condos. Packing a stylish punch into a limited space though is possible as long as the following mistakes are avoided:

Using Too Much Furniture

Space is crucial when you live in a small house or apartment. Do not allow the limited number of square inches to define your home though. One of the common mistakes that people make is having too much furniture in a small space. You may have to skip having two side tables for your sofa.

In a small space, everything is more visible so choose pieces of furniture that do not weigh down the room. Armless sofas and chairs are examples of this type of furniture. You may also go for versatile furniture or those you can use for multiple purposes. Bookcases, for instance, can be used for displaying art pieces as well as storage for your books. The ottoman can provide extra seating or serve as a coffee table.

Using Curtains With Dominant Designs

Experts advise against using heavily colored horizontal patterns or large flowered prints because these designs tend to dominate a room and create a feeling of less space. Go for curtains in the same color or lighter shade than the wall to provide consistency.

Do not place the window treatments at the top of the window frame. Instead, suspend them from the ceiling to give an illusion of a higher ceiling.

Shying Away From Color

Do not allow yourself to fall into the idea that everything needs to be white or neutral. While neutral colors are wonderful for small spaces, you are not limited to using neutrals.

Neutrals can make small rooms look more spacious because of their simplicity but do not assume that any neutral color will work great in your small space. A neutral color that is too muted can make your room appear small and dark.

If you love color, don’t hesitate to incorporate them in your home. Instead of taking the all-or-nothing approach, consider painting one wall a rich shade you love. Pastels are great for painting and decorating small rooms.

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