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Written by Colleen Kalil

Refreshing the Exterior of your Commercial Property

If you are a business owner, then your company’s property is your home away from home and you know that its presentation to the public, and the ability to bring in new customers, is based in part on its eye appeal.

You may be competing with online companies but there are simply some businesses that require the customer to come to your site. Therefore you want their first impression to be one of professionalism, pride and a no-nonsense approach. The properly painted commercial exterior can send off the subtle, subliminal message that you are superior to others in your market – your attention to detail unmatched.

All of what has been said so far is true. There is a lot of psychology behind presentation from an individual, home and business perspective. The following suggestions may also be helpful to those who are seeking to refresh their company’s look.

  • The color scheme you choose for your building’s exterior is very important. And choosing the color of a place of business is very different than choosing the color of your home. Remember, the exterior of a business is much larger and more noticeable. The final decision must consider zoning requirements and whether or not you are located in a structure of historical importance. It is also important to consider what the landscaping will look like when the job is done.
  • Plan long-term. Do not let your business’s exterior begin to look run-down. Incorporate regular exterior painting and upkeep into your budget. Think about what draws you to a business…do you want to go into a company that looks disheveled? Now, you see the importance of upkeep to your company’s bottom line!
  • Make sure your colors support your business brand altogether. In other words, neon paint might be right for a disco but not for a plumbing and heating business! Many small business owners spend years developing their brand and your logo and company presentation is an important part of the way you convey your message. Take the time to find a professional commercial exterior painting company that has the expertise to match your building exterior to your brand!

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