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Written by Colleen Kalil

Restoring Surfaces that have been Damaged from the Sun

Your home’s exterior is going to be subject to the ravages of weather no matter where you live. If you reside in the Northern, Eastern or Midwest states you are likely going to have evidence of snow, sleet and hail damage to the house as winter comes to an end. But, if you think that people who live in the sunny southern states don’t have their fair share of weather problems wreaking havoc on their homes, then you are mistaken. The unrelenting sunshine can cause just as much damage to a home as any of the elements.

The heat and sunlight that beats down on homes in Arizona, New Mexico and adjoining states can quickly degrade the variety of materials that makeup the exterior of the home. For example, plastics that comprise parts of the windows can crack, and the paint itself will wither and peel. Of course, there are many other issues that come with owning and maintaining a home in places where the sun always shines.

Southern states may receive as many as 300 days of sunshine out of 365 days in the year. At least five of those months also average temperatures well into the hundreds so that it is nearly as hot in the middle of the night as it is in the middle of the day! In these circumstances it doesn’t take long for the sun and heat to cause weather damage. The important thing to note about this is weathering does not just affect the home’s appearance – it compromises the home’s structural integrity as well. Even the most advanced plastics will become brittle and wood will succumb to warping. And no matter how high-quality the paint you apply, it will also degrade, particularly if it is a south or west-facing wall that gets the most exposure.

One way to combat these problems is to purchase paint that has UV-resistant qualities. Be proactive in walking the house and checking for areas that may need to be refurbished with new paint, caulking or other materials. Also it’s a good idea to speak to an architect and/or landscaper to find places where the roofline can be extended, awnings added, and trees planted that will all help to prolong the pristine exterior of your home.

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