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Written by Colleen Kalil

Suggestions for the Commercial Property Owner

Now, you know your business! You probably live, eat and breath every tiny aspect of keeping it up and running because research shows that small and medium-sized business owners make their livelihood from this endeavor. So, this blog is not intended to give the impression we do not respect your broad and deep intellect when it comes to your company. However, we have been in the business of commercial and residential painting for years and have found that a well-placed reminder on occasion ensures you are proactive in maintaining an exceptional presentation!

• When you are budgeting, whether you do it quarterly, semi-annually or annually, include the cost of updating your building’s façade and interior on a regular basis. In fact, several times a year you should walk the interior and exterior of your property with an eye towards assessing how it looks to the public.
• Check your parking lot. Be sure that it looks fresh and clean and the parking space lines and other markings are visible and easily identifiable. This is especially true of the handicapped features. If these are mismarked or not clearly visible, it could result in a fine or lawsuit.
• Do not allow graffiti to take away from your building’s presentation. If you find graffiti anywhere on the building contact a graffiti removal company or commercial painting business to rid your exterior of it immediately. Also contact the police and take pictures of the graffiti for documentation purposes. You are able to press charges if the culprit (s) are found and ask for restitution.
• If you are not able to repaint the entire exterior or interior of your business, consider updating the look of the trim and perhaps the door. Freshly painted parts of the building can complement the current paint job and make it look newly updated altogether.
• Don’t forget to budget for painting fencing if you have that on your property. No matter what kind of material your fence is made of it will need to be updated occasionally.

You are the steward of your business – embrace the responsibility knowing that a nice presentation invites business. If you need more input on painting your commercial property, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc.