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Written by Colleen Kalil

The Difference in Paints by Price

Spring is setting in and people start dreaming about spring cleaning and modernizing your home’s look. One of the busiest times of the year for home improvement stores is the spring! If you have stopped in lately and seen the price of exterior paint, you may be asking yourself why is there such a difference in price? In some cases, you can get a gallon of paint for ten dollars while further down the shelf it can cost up to forty dollars or more. Of course, if you buy paint in larger quantities the price difference can shrink. Is more expensive paint any better than the cheaper stuff? Let’s consider this more closely in this blog.

There are several factors that influence the difference in paint prices. Research also shows that nearly every paint company makes paint that falls within the continuum of inexpensive to expensive, so the name of the company alone should not be your deciding factor.

Paint is made of resins, solvents and pigments. The more expensive the paint the more pure and smaller the pigments. Pigments in the less expensive paints are of a lesser grade and spread out more which means the job will require multiple coats, so it is just as costly in the end. Too, the more expensive the paint the more likely the resin is of a higher quality which adds to the durability of the job.

Lastly, the solvents in paint also vary according to cost with cheaper paints having more solvents that evaporate leaving the paint and resin behind when it dries. And the more expensive paints also have additives that help prevent painted surfaces from mildew. Experts also advise you to purchase paint that is one hundred percent acrylic. Why? Because acrylic paint is fast drying and water-resistant when it has dried.

Whether you intend to do your own exterior (or interior) painting this spring, the best idea is to purchase the higher quality but more expensive paint. For all practical purposes, it will be cheaper in the long-run.

And if you decide to turn the painting responsibility over to an exterior home painting company, be sure they use high quality paint as well. If you are looking for experts in exterior and interior home painting, contact the professionals at University Painters, Inc. We look forward to providing you with superior service.