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Written by Colleen Kalil

The Tools of the House Painting Trade

There are a number of items that are considered ‘tools of the trade’ in residential and business painting. Whether you are going to paint the home or business on your own or hire a professional painting company – or even if you are starting your own paint company – it’s helpful to know what is needed.

• Tarps – covers that prevent your indoor and outdoor items from getting errant drips of paint on them. No one wants floors, furniture or outdoor shrubbery to end up with paint stains.

• Brushes – there are dozens of brush sizes that are identified by the width of the brush head marked in inches or millimeters. Brush types include bristles made of various materials including nylon and synthetics. They also come in various types such as ‘angled sash’ or ‘foam’. It is advisable to have several of the most common sizes and types available before you start painting.

Also, make sure you have the materials you need to wash the brushes after each paint session. If you don’t thoroughly clean your brushes at the end of every paint session they will quickly become ruined.

• Paint rollers – the paint roller is most efficient for painting large flat surfaces. A paint roller is a simple tool that consists of the roller frame and roller cover. The roller cover is nappy and holds the paint. They are typically made of lamb’s wool, synthetic fabrics or foam. Paint rollers also come in different nap sizes. Shorter naps are better for smooth surfaces.

• Airless sprayer – this tool is used to pump paint at a very high pressure. The outcome is a smooth and even application of the paint. Airless sprayers are a quick way to paint large surfaces without leaving behind brush or ‘stipple’ marks that are commonly left behind using ‘hand methods’.

• HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer – when used to apply paint they will not create the ‘fog’ common to the more powerful airless sprayer. Training in the use of either tool is advised to ensure the user understands the inherent challenges and potential dangers.

Remember – use the right tool for the right job. Better yet, contact the paint professionals at University Painters, Inc.