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Written by Colleen Kalil

Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior

There are several instances when the exterior of your home may require touch-ups. First, often when you paint your home you will need to go back and perform some corrective measures. That is because your home’s exterior is constantly in the elements and over time there are places where the paint may crack and peel. Even the best paint jobs will require touch-ups where the painter may have missed a spot here or there. In this blog we will tell you how to add touch-ups and how to fix those once flawless surfaces to make them look like new!

So, you’ve just finished covering the outside surfaces of your home with new paint. You are sure you have done a great job but when you go back to inspect it, you see tiny spots here and there where no paint is visible. It is not something obvious, but you do want a perfect and pristine presentation.

However, when your home was painted some time ago the approach to touching up the paint job is a bit different. First, over time the color of your paint will have faded from the sun, rain, snow or other weather the home endures. If you are not careful, the touchups will be glaring and actually makes the home look worse.

First, make it an annual habit to do a complete walk around of your house, noting areas where the paint has cracked or is peeling. This is the first step towards touch-ups.

While many people keep a bit of paint from the last time the house was painted it probably won’t match. It is better to take paint chips from areas that need to be reworked and have it matched at the paint store. Be prepared for some differences in color and do a test patch before completing the job.

Finally, scrape, prime, and repaint those areas where the paint has been damaged. The job will probably take only a weekend but the results should last for the rest of the year.

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