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Written by Colleen Kalil

Use Your Commercial Building to Market Your Brand!

If you are a business owner that operates from a brick and mortar site, you should be asking yourself if you are getting enough ‘bang for your buck’? In other words, have you given any thought to allowing your building to be an advertisement, like a billboard that catches the eye of potential customers and draws them in? In today’s highly competitive market this may be an excellent option for getting the word out about your company without having to enhance your marketing budget. Here’s how.

• Think about the colors of the building’s exterior. If you have a business card, website or other item you use to promote your brand, hold it up against the building and consider how to apply it through the proper paint and accessories, like lighting or signage.
• Investigate what researchers say a color invokes in potential customers. Blue building exteriors tend to make customers feel a sense of calm or peace. Is that what you want your business to say? If you sell mattresses and bedding, it’s perfect but if you sell power tools you might want to go in another direction. For the record – yellow says energy or vibrancy, red says drama, black says elegance or maybe secrecy, and green says health. Of course, there are variations to this and you may want to mix and match colors on a trial basis before settling on a final choice.
• Make sure your logo can be neatly and pleasantly worked into the exterior in a way that complements (and compliments) your brand. Look at this experience as an opportunity to bring your business card to life but be sure to try it on a small scale before transferring it to the building itself.
• Investigate the building codes and requirements before investing in creating your exterior work of art. Some areas do not allow for changes to a business exterior, others will invite it under certain circumstances and in other cases you have carte blanche to do what you please!
• Find a commercial paint company that has experience in creating exterior branding on commercial buildings. This takes part artist, part professional. Do your homework and interview several companies before making that final decision. Ask to see their work and be sure you have a rapport.

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