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Written by Colleen Kalil

Welcome to The Rock

There is something about a stone wall. They are beautiful, and can add a peaceful and calming effect to any room. What is not peaceful and calming is the bill that is associated with a stone or marble wall. There is a way to give your room that same rustic appeal without putting a dent in your bank account. A faux finish is a decorative painting technique that replicates the appearance of marble, stone, or wood, and the skilled professionals at University Painters are experts in this technique.

There are many other looks that can be created through faux finishing techniques other than wood and marble finishes. Sponging is one of the more popular and easiest options. This effect is best achieved by creating a paint mixture, then using a sponge to layer the paint over a pre-primed wall. Color washing can give a room a weathered look, and is also known as a “broken finish.” This look is produced by using a rag or towel to apply a translucent glaze over a bold base coat. Using long, light brush strokes will help produce a calm, light texture. Once you have primed the wall, and applied your base coat, take the rag and dip it in your glaze paint. Then apply it using light, circular strokes.

The stone and marble looks are a little more difficult to produce. After you have selected your color, apply it to a pre-primed wall in a base coat. Then take a flat or stain paint that is lighter in color than your base coat and apply a layer to the wall. Then with a rag or cloth, apply a darker shade of your base coat. You can use your creativity here to help produce a marbled or stone look that is perfect for lightening up any room, especially around a fireplace.

There are a number of different looks that can be achieved through the art of faux finishing and they are easier to describe than to perfect. The trained painters at the Angie’s List Award Winning University Painters, are masters of these techniques and are ready to help provide your home with the perfect finishing touch. For more information or to set up an appointment for a quote, visit universitypainters.com.