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Written by Colleen Kalil

Your Garage Floor is Part of the Home

Most people love the look of a freshly painted interior or exterior residence or commercial property. But, there are certain areas they may overlook, thinking no one will notice or care. One great example is the garage floor. When you pull into your garage tonight give your garage floor an honest, critical look and think about whether it would look better if it were ‘finished’. Garage floors are concrete, and this is a difficult substance to work with when trying to make it look ‘noteworthy’. If you are attempting to create a ‘clean’ and organized garage presentation, then adding a finish to the floor may do the trick.

Two great choices for covering the garage floor are paint or epoxy. Epoxy is a durable glue that bonds exceptionally well. If you opt to use a 100% epoxy glue it results in a hard surface that will be resistant to oil and grease stains, chemical spills, abrasions and other issues.

There is also an ‘epoxy paint’. This is a latex acrylic product that has a small amount of epoxy mixed in. An epoxy paint will adhere to the floor better than other forms of paint because it has that mixture of adhesive included. With either product it is a good idea to paint a sample on a small part of the garage floor and let it sit for a few days. Then take some time to reflect on which you like better. If you can find homes in the area that are willing to show off their garage floors it might also be helpful to see the finished product in real life.

Things to know as you make a decision include the fact that paint is easier to apply than epoxy, the garage floor should be power washed in advance and left to dry completely, and an epoxy finish will last longer and wear better and give a more professional finished look. However, applying an epoxy is much more labor-intensive and expensive.

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