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Written by Colleen Kalil

How To Make Your Attic Look More Like A Room

Turning your attic into a room is a great way to expand your home without the added expense of an addition. An attic can pose many challenges when it comes to creating a spacious and comfortable area. Most attics have limited light and feature slanted ceilings and walls that make them feel cramped. However, the trick is to work with your attic’s features rather than fighting them. 

Paint a Bright Accent Wall

An attic can feel dark and dreary since there usually is limited space with no windows. The low ceilings and narrow walls can make your space feel cramped. Choosing the right wall color can make your room appear larger and brighter. Choose a paint shade that helps brighten up your room, such as white, soft yellow, tan, cream, beige, and light gray.

Allow Light To Come In

Welcome the natural light into your space. With the lack of windows and glass doors, an attic can be too dark to utilize. Overhead LED fixtures are great since they don’t take up space and stay cooler than other types of lighting. Track lighting also works if you want an option where you can position individual lights to brighten certain areas of the room.

Take Full Advantage of Nooks and Crannies

Look for the nooks and alcoves in your attic and create a cozy inviting space. If you want to use the space as a bedroom, a nook is a great spot for a bed to create an intimate sleeping area. If you’re turning your space into an office, family room, or bedroom, use an alcove as a reading area.

Clean Out Your Attic

An attic can provide adequate space, but that doesn’t mean you should fill it up with furniture and accessories. The sloped walls and ceilings can make the room feel more cramped if you add too many furnishings. Only include the furniture items you need and leave the rest of it open.

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