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Written by Colleen Kalil

Exterior Decorating Tips to Enhance that New Paint Job

There is no question that a freshly painted home has increased value and curb appeal. Even if you don’t intend to move and have only painted for your own enjoyment, there are additional things you can do that will further enhance the look of your home. Let’s consider some of these ideas in this entry.

• Add a fence. Fencing can serve as an addition to the home while also marking the boundaries of your lot. Fencing comes in a variety of options such as wood or chain link and also comes in a variety of sizes that can allow for privacy and safety.
• Add window boxes. They can be a bright and interesting addition all year round. You are able to put in seasonal blooms and decorations to brighten the home and make it more interesting and inviting to the passerby. Window boxes also come in a variety of materials, many of which give the appearance of one material (such as stone) while being made of durable plastic.
• Lighting. There are so many options to add light to your home! Solar lights are available that cost nothing except the initial purchase. They store their own energy and beam in the dark. Other lights can also be purchased to accent a particular part of the home such as entryways or windows. Lights come in a wide variety of colors and designs and add to the uniqueness of your home’s presentation.
• Paint accents. Once you have painted your home’s exterior and have become accustomed to the new look this is the best time to decide if you would like contrasting colors for window panes and even your door. Many times contrasting colors gives a home a bit of spark and interest.
• Don’t forget the hardware. Hardware for doors, windows, the garage and other appropriate areas can also make your home ‘sparkle’. Hardware can be fun or it can be used to subtly accent an area.
• Consider a new garage door or redo the driveway. These are two parts of the home that can make a home stand out in a neighborhood. Garage doors can now be custom made and options for driveways are expansive as well.

Let University Painters, Inc. give your home a professional coat of paint then you can add the extras!

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Commercial Painting Services

There are a wide variety of industrial, retail and office buildings that require regular repainting to keep the exterior looking fresh and inviting. This type of painting has different expectations than painting the exterior of a home. While both are important, if you are in the market for a commercial painter, be sure to ask for references to determine if they have completed any of the following types of jobs. Commercial painting is much different than house painting and you want to be sure the company you hire is up to the job!

• Condos, apartments and HOAs. Commercial painting professionals know that the best time to undertake these projects is in the spring when there is a better chance of multiple days without inclement weather. April, May and June are great times for exterior painting of projects of this size.

Your commercial painter should know that it is important for the weather to be dry over several days and that the forecast is for it to remain that way for the duration of the project. Water or moisture in the form of humidity or a high dew point can cause mildew, water rot, and paint failure.

Commercial painters of large properties such as apartments or condo units begin by inspecting the entire property for any problems with the surfaces to determine if repairs must be made prior to painting.

Next, the commercial painter should clean the surface using high pressured water. This should be done twice. The first time will loosen the dirt and impurities and the second cleaning will then wash them away. After this, repairs of cracks and removal of loose paint can be completed.

Exteriors should then be primed. Priming acts as an initial coat for the walls. It makes the surface smooth and ‘stable’ before the paint is applied. In the end, a primer gives the paint a more polished look while also increasing the life of the paint job.

The final step is to paint. Once this is done, the professional commercial paint company should do a complete and thorough walk through to ensure the job looks good from all angles.

Commercial property managers should consider painting the exteriors annually. It keeps the property looking pristine and presentable and helps to maintain its value. If you are in the market for exceptional commercial property painters, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc. We’ve got you covered!

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Written by Colleen Kalil

The Difference in Paints by Price

Spring is setting in and people start dreaming about spring cleaning and modernizing your home’s look. One of the busiest times of the year for home improvement stores is the spring! If you have stopped in lately and seen the price of exterior paint, you may be asking yourself why is there such a difference in price? In some cases, you can get a gallon of paint for ten dollars while further down the shelf it can cost up to forty dollars or more. Of course, if you buy paint in larger quantities the price difference can shrink. Is more expensive paint any better than the cheaper stuff? Let’s consider this more closely in this blog.

There are several factors that influence the difference in paint prices. Research also shows that nearly every paint company makes paint that falls within the continuum of inexpensive to expensive, so the name of the company alone should not be your deciding factor.

Paint is made of resins, solvents and pigments. The more expensive the paint the more pure and smaller the pigments. Pigments in the less expensive paints are of a lesser grade and spread out more which means the job will require multiple coats, so it is just as costly in the end. Too, the more expensive the paint the more likely the resin is of a higher quality which adds to the durability of the job.

Lastly, the solvents in paint also vary according to cost with cheaper paints having more solvents that evaporate leaving the paint and resin behind when it dries. And the more expensive paints also have additives that help prevent painted surfaces from mildew. Experts also advise you to purchase paint that is one hundred percent acrylic. Why? Because acrylic paint is fast drying and water-resistant when it has dried.

Whether you intend to do your own exterior (or interior) painting this spring, the best idea is to purchase the higher quality but more expensive paint. For all practical purposes, it will be cheaper in the long-run.

And if you decide to turn the painting responsibility over to an exterior home painting company, be sure they use high quality paint as well. If you are looking for experts in exterior and interior home painting, contact the professionals at University Painters, Inc. We look forward to providing you with superior service.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Simple, But Essential, Painting Techniques


The importance of a good exterior paint job on your home goes far beyond mere aesthetics. Of course you want your home to look good and stand out, without clashing with the rest of the neighborhood, but the value that a quality paint job provides simply starts here. By combining the proper materials with the correct techniques, your paint job can extend the life of your siding and trim, thereby increasing the value of your home. The experts at University Painters are always available to help make your home the nicest on the block.
The first component of any quality paint job, or of any job for that matter, is using the appropriate tools. Good synthetic hair brushes go a long way, and to paint your house you will need a large straight-edged brush, as well as a smaller angled-edge brush, the smaller one being used for detail areas. You will also need rollers, and it is important to have a different roller for each different color of paint. Of course you will need paint, as well. Acrylic latex paint is ideal for exterior paint jobs because it holds up to the weather the best, thereby keeping your paint looking fresh year after year.
One of the simplest, yet most important techniques when painting is to always paint into an area that has fresh paint on it, commonly referred to as painting into a wet edge. Use the door and window frames to help divide larger areas into smaller areas so that you can paint an entire section at once. This process is important because it help provide smooth and uniform color in each coat of paint. Other little things, like holding your paint can close to reduce spillage and dripping, and painting doors and windows first, are important to the process, as well. Reducing drippage is important not only to make sure that the paint stays where you want it to be, but also because drips do not dry smoothly. If they are not caught and fixed right away they can affect the outcome of your efforts. Meanwhile, you want to paint your doors and windows earlier in the day so that they have plenty of time to dry, unless you plan on leaving them open when you go to sleep. Closing windows or doors that are not fully dry can spread the paint to unwanted areas, as well as result in a tacky or sticky finish around the edges.
A good paint job requires days of preparation before the painting can even begin. To do the entire job properly yourself, you need to be prepared to dedicate the better part of two months to the process. The skilled professionals at University Painters can complete the task in a fraction of that time, with a level of care and expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. The award-winning service provided by University Painters guarantees that your home will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism, resulting in a paint job that you can take pride in for years to come. For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to request a quote, please visit universitypainters.com.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Interior Painting and Mold Issues

From time to time homes have interior mold issues from water damage caused by plumbing leaks or flooding. That said, it is possible for bathrooms especially, to have problem areas, because of the constant humidity and lack of ventilation. If you do not have proper ventilation such as adequate air flow from fans or windows, mold or mildew can be present and bleed through the paint not only causing ugly yellowing but also health considerations. Here are some things to know that might save you time and money.

For years consumers have been told that using a bleach and water mixture will kill the mold and keep it from returning but is more of a misconception than a fact. It is believed now that the bleach mixture will wipe it off the walls but not destroy it. Now professionals are recommending cleaning the walls with a borax and water solution and allowing this to dry completely before the next step. Of course, you can always retain the services of a professional like University Painters to handle the job for you from start to finish, saving you time and money.

After you are sure the walls are completely dry you will want to add a primer such as Kilz that has a latex stain blocker built in. You want to be sure that every wall surface in the room has been covered completely so there is no bleed-through from the mold spores. You may choose to add an additional coat of primer. Again, it is extremely important that you find the origination of the mold and fix the problem.

As stated before, mold or mildew is not just an annoyance that you have to deal with because of the de-colorization it causes but it is also a health issue. It can irritate your eyes, causing burning and itching. It can cause breathing problems, headaches, fatigue or make you feel like you’re in a fog. If you have sinus difficulties, you can be at risk for other health related problems. As you can see, it is imperative that you destroy any interior mold in your home.

We at University Painters have the experience and knowledge to help you with any of your mold and cleanup needs. Feel free to call us for a free quote or any questions you may have.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Painting Older Homes

Whether you have just purchased an older home or are updating one, there are some things to consider when beginning your painting project. Older homes quite often have peeling, yellowing paint and possibly lead paint with many blemishes that will need to be removed. You may also be dealing with wallpaper that is old and peeling that needs to be stripped before you refinish the walls and apply new paint. If you are concerned about the lead-based paint being an issue, you can go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase a test kit.  You can of course hire a professional painting team that will be equipped for a project of this undertaking. While you are there be sure to bring a list of the items you will need for the project; there is nothing worse than starting a project and having to stop and go to the store in mid-process.

Once the walls have been prepped for painting the next step is choosing a color palette you would like for your home.  When making this decision try to accompany the actual style of the home itself. Is it more earth tones or is it more rustic? What was the style of homes from that period? A lot of older homes used wainscoting which protected the lower part of walls from scuffing and dirt marks.  If you want to modernize the home, then use the colors that suit your taste and are trending currently. Whether your goal is to restore a historic home back to its original beauty or just make necessary repairs, there will be a lot of work involved but the reward should be well worth it.

Please feel free to contact us at University Painters for tips or a free estimate. We may be able to help you save money and headaches in the long run. e 7 Co

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Interior Painting through History

Throughout the ages, humans have wanted the interior of their homes to be beautiful. Dating clear back to the cave man days over 40,000 years ago, history has shown, through artifact and drawings on the interior walls of caves, that men (and women) liked to decorate their dwellings. Of course, the paints would have used all-natural ingredients like berries, clay and plant materials. Most likely they would have bound it all together using fatty oils. The original paint brushes were believed to have been made from stone and animal hair bound together with straps. The walls were mainly decorated with pictures of animals that were hunted or part of their everyday life. There were at rare times, human representations of handprints and other items.

As you progress forward in history you can see influences of the styles of the regions, not only in what was painted but also the different color schemes in use. There were many regions where darker images were more often portrayed. As far back as 32,000 years ago paintings were drawn on interior cave walls in France and other countries that showed the history of earlier times, displaying horses, lions, buffalo, bison, and mankind.

As you travel through time, the type of artwork in homes changed from drawings on the interior walls to walls being painted one solid color and then paintings added to the walls, giving much more flexibility for enhancing the home’s beauty. There was also the additional choice of wall paper which could add depth as well as create unique looks. Most of the homes were painted or papered by professional painters, which is still a practice today.

If you would like to beautify your home, please contact us at University Painters for ideas or a free quote. We will gladly share our knowledge with you.

Written by Colleen Kalil

Award Winning Painters

There are a number of different ways to judge the quality of a business.  Many times the work speaks for itself, but what about when you don’t have the ability to see the work first hand?  How can you be sure that you are selecting the best company to provide the service you need when you can’t see the quality of their work in person?  Angie’s List is an online directory of different home services that exists for exactly this purpose.  They are a crowd-sourced review site of local businesses and contractors that specializes in rating companies based on customer feedback.  When you can’t see the results first-hand, word of mouth is a very good way to determine the quality of work a business provides.  In addition to listing businesses based on customer satisfaction, Angie’s List uses those same customer reviews to hand out awards.  Awards that are based on the satisfaction of customers are awards that are truly earned and deserved.  The Lancaster, Pennsylvania branch of University Painters won Angie’s List’s Super Service Award in 2018, making them the best option for all of your painting needs, as decided by the consumer.

University Painters are professional painting contractors who have been in business since 1986.  Since then they have built the business based on exemplary customer service and satisfaction, which is what earned Jonathan Frank and his team at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania location the Superior Service Award.

Whether you are in need of an interior painting spruce-up, or a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house, Jonathan Frank’s crew at University Painters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are up to the challenge of providing the best quality and customer service in the industry.  University Painters pride themselves on understanding the best way to beautify and protect your most valuable asset, your home.  The folks at University Painters Lancaster are trained and skilled professional craftsmen, who combine their expertise with the highest quality products to ensure that you are beyond satisfied with the job.

University Painters commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service has earned Jonathan Franks and his team in Lancaster the trust of their clientele, so you know you can trust them with your next paint job.  If you are looking for professional commercial and residential painting services, contact University Painters. They are environmentally responsible and offer outstanding work.

Written by Colleen Kalil

Updating your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen has become the gathering place in many homes, whether for parties, families, homework or just a cup of coffee or to relax. Old outdated cabinets can make the room feel dull and dismal. Why not update those cabinets with a new coat of paint and possibly even replace some of the doors with glass inserts?

You must decide whether to hire a professional to do the job or try to do it yourself.  Below are some things to consider:

  1. Do you have the time it will take to degrease, putty sand, and prime the cabinets for painting?  This of course is all before you even begin to paint. A reputable local painting contractor like University Painters will be able to do the job quickly and professionally.
  2. Which paint sheen or stain will you be going with? Do you prefer the more traditional wooden cabinets stained appearance or do you prefer to update to a new trendy color?  Speaking with a professional will help you know the current trends. Adding glass inserts helps make a kitchen look more modern, while going without knobs or using knobs that match the paint can help make the kitchen feel more streamlined.
  3. As with any painting project you must have the correct tools to do the job right the first time. If you don’t, the cost of purchasing or renting the equipment can be prohibitive. University Painters prides itself on only using high quality equipment and the finest quality paints.
  4. Now to the most important part of the decision – what painting experience do you have? Do you have what it takes to be sure there are no brushstrokes showing or paint applied too thick that runs and leaves an un-even texture? If you decide to take the cabinets down and paint them, have you arranged for the help to re-install them so they get hung evenly?

 As you can see, the best choice comes down to contacting University Painters for changing the look of your outdated cabinets.  Not only will you add value to your kitchen but you’ll make it a more inviting place to entertain family and friends.  We’re here for you at University Painters!

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Written by Colleen Kalil

When to Repaint Your Home’s Interior

For many people, painting is a thankless chore. It is a lot of work and all too often the amateur painter does not realize the magnitude of the undertaking. People tend to think repainting your home’s exterior is a do-it-yourselfer weekend job. Unfortunately, that is how it usually looks in the end – just a bit unprofessional. Now this is not to take away from the intent of the painter and their earnest desire to be involved in their home’s upkeep. Most times however, it’s best to put your trust in the hands of professionals!

Having said all that, the interior of your home is subject to the wear and tear of daily life just as your home’s exterior is to the elements. Everything from sprays, smoke, kitchen odors and pet odors can cling to your walls and cause them to look faded and worn. If you live there everyday, you may even have a tendency not to notice the way a room begins to look faded and worn.

One hint would be to schedule a time each year (perhaps even every six months), when you walk the interior and exterior of your home looking for necessary repairs and upgrades. This should be a habit whether you intend to put your home on the market or continue to live there for years to come.

As you do your room by room inspection, look at the interior as if you are seeing it for the first time – like through the eyes of a stranger. Do the colors seem faded? Are there areas within rooms that appear to have a fresher presentation than others? For example, in the bathroom the paint may appear faded or peeling nearer the steamy shower or tub than in other areas.

Also, consider how often the room is used. Do you entertain frequently in the kitchen or family room but hardly use the guest bathroom? Prioritize areas that get the most traffic, but remember, your bedrooms are sanctuaries and a fresh coat of paint can make them more warm and welcoming as well.

Finally, get an estimate for the cost of painting your home’s interior room by room and in its entirety. Sometimes, it’s best to redo the interior all at once, giving your entire house an updated feel to be enjoyed by the whole family.
Whatever your painting needs, contact the professionals at University Painters. We treat your home like it’s our own.

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