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Written by Josh Jablon

Important Fall Home Maintenance Tips!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Your home is one of your greatest investments and it is extremely important to protect it from the upcoming harsh winter conditions! See below for some helpful tips to keep everything in tip top shape!

  • Check the exterior of your homes foundation as well as windows and door frames for cracks that may need to be caulked. You can also check these windows and doors for drafts on the inside. Caulking these areas will help keep the heat inside where it belongs!

  • Remove window and door screens and replace with storm windows and doors.

  • Check the exterior of your home for any areas of paint failure where there may be cracking, peeling or bubbling paint. If not rectified, this paint can further deteriorate over the winter and become more costly to repair!

  • Perform a ground inspection of your roof and if you feel there are any issues be sure to call a professional for further inspection. Also don’t forget to get those gutters cleaned out! With all the leaves falling this may need to be done more than once this season!

  • Is the interior of your home insulated? This can cut back on heating and air conditioning bills greatly!

  • Do you have a wood burning fireplace? Before using it this winter season make sure to have your chimney and flue cleaned by a professional and ensure everything is in proper working order.

  • It’s time to change the direction of your ceiling fans!

  • Change or clean your furnace filter and clean out your humidifier. It will definitely be put to work over the winter!

  • Vacuum out dust from the vents around your house and cold air returns.

  • Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in proper working order.

  • Drain your garden hoses and turn off exterior water sources to prevent pipes from busting.

  • Make sure you have properly stored and covered any deck furniture and lawn equipment to prevent damage.

Thanks to Bob Vila’s Article “Fall Home Maintenance Checklist” for some of these great tips. For a full printable  checklist, click here.

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Written by Josh Jablon

Trying To Sell Your Home?

Are you in the market to sell your home? A new paint job can go along way! Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your potential.

  1. Neutral colors – Remember, your style is not the same as your potential buyers style. By using a neutral color scheme throughout the interior of your home you will avoid turning buyers off due to style differences. You want to make it easy for buyers to imagine this space as their space. Don’t distract from this opportunity with a projection of your style and non neutral color palette.
  2. Up to date – A new paint job is a quick and easy way to update and refresh your space. A new white in that  closet of yours can brighten up a dingy space and make it appear much larger. Same thing goes with the other rooms in your home. Paint can also be used to highlight charming details in your home such as crown molding and bay windows.
  3. Curb Appeal – An easy way to increase your curb appeal is to be sure all exterior facets of your home are looking fresh and new. This goes from fences to decks to your front door. A new coat of paint can go a long way towards a fresh look and what will contribute greatly to a buyers first impression.

Happy selling!

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Written by Josh Jablon

Does Your Home Need Spring Maintenance?

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Our homes are one of our biggest investments and at the change of each season it is important to check our homes for any damage that may have occurred due to weather and harsh temperatures! Here are a few things to look for this spring…

  1. Chipped or Cracked paint on your homes exterior. — Leaving this untreated can lead to rot and other further damage to your home!
  2. Dirt and mildew on your siding. — A power wash goes a long way to clean and brighten your home.
  3. Cracked or missing Caulking/Sealing around windows and doors. — Re-caulking is important to seal out moisture and will help with your energy bills.Decking and fencing around your home. — Does it need to be cleaned, stained and resealed? Properly maintaining your decking and fencing will help to extend its life!

If you have any questions after examining your home feel free to contact us at University Painters and we can send out one of our experts to do a walk around with you and suggest any repairs and improvements for proper home maintenance that you may need!



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