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Written by Colleen Kalil

Exterior Decorating Tips to Enhance that New Paint Job

There is no question that a freshly painted home has increased value and curb appeal. Even if you don’t intend to move and have only painted for your own enjoyment, there are additional things you can do that will further enhance the look of your home. Let’s consider some of these ideas in this entry.

• Add a fence. Fencing can serve as an addition to the home while also marking the boundaries of your lot. Fencing comes in a variety of options such as wood or chain link and also comes in a variety of sizes that can allow for privacy and safety.
• Add window boxes. They can be a bright and interesting addition all year round. You are able to put in seasonal blooms and decorations to brighten the home and make it more interesting and inviting to the passerby. Window boxes also come in a variety of materials, many of which give the appearance of one material (such as stone) while being made of durable plastic.
• Lighting. There are so many options to add light to your home! Solar lights are available that cost nothing except the initial purchase. They store their own energy and beam in the dark. Other lights can also be purchased to accent a particular part of the home such as entryways or windows. Lights come in a wide variety of colors and designs and add to the uniqueness of your home’s presentation.
• Paint accents. Once you have painted your home’s exterior and have become accustomed to the new look this is the best time to decide if you would like contrasting colors for window panes and even your door. Many times contrasting colors gives a home a bit of spark and interest.
• Don’t forget the hardware. Hardware for doors, windows, the garage and other appropriate areas can also make your home ‘sparkle’. Hardware can be fun or it can be used to subtly accent an area.
• Consider a new garage door or redo the driveway. These are two parts of the home that can make a home stand out in a neighborhood. Garage doors can now be custom made and options for driveways are expansive as well.

Let University Painters, Inc. give your home a professional coat of paint then you can add the extras!