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Written by Colleen Kalil

Maintaining Your Commercial Exterior Paint Job

Are you the proud owner of a small or medium-sized business? Do you have a building where you go about the business of your business – providing a service or product? Well, then you must certainly know that your company is judged by the way it presents to the public. In other words, a building that looks fresh and inviting from the outside is the first step towards landing that customer or contract. Therefore, it is important to invest in maintaining the exterior – which includes the paint job and more. What follows are some suggestions that will help you stay on top of outdoor building maintenance.

• Incorporate regular exterior cleaning into your schedule. Most businesses keep an interior cleaning schedule which may include hiring a company to come in on a regular basis to wash floors and windows, empty trash and dust. Business owners should also maintain an exterior maintenance schedule. There are many paint companies that offer this type of service. It could include:
*Walking the building’s grounds regularly to identify issues where elements such as water or even air pollution have damaged the paint or actual surface (wood, brick or other material). Areas that show fading or other seemingly small issues should not be dismissed. The aim is to keep the entire exterior looking fresh and ensuring it is not damaged.
*Identify and tend to problem areas that may be overlooked on a cursory walk around. Many buildings have one or more tricky places that might not be immediately seen – until a problem becomes noticeably large and then more expensive to repair.
*Ensuring that the caulking and sealant around the building’s exterior is fresh – no cracks or missing pieces. Caulking and sealant are subject to weathering and may need to be replaced regularly.
*Check around equipment that abuts the building such as air conditioners, transformers or similar items. These need to be free from rust and weathering so they do not bleed onto the building’s exterior and leave ugly marks and stains.

Of course, reputable paint companies will also provide superior paint services that are timely and unobtrusive. If you are in the market for just such a paint company contact the professionals at University Painters, Inc.