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Written by Colleen Kalil

Match the Color of Your Home’s Exterior to the Style

There are so many different styles of homes in the United States! People who live in certain locales tend to find them clustered. For example, if you live along the northeast coast you will find a lot of Cape Cod type homes. Floridians go for a more coastal look. In the Midwest there are blocks of Victorian homes mixed in with the colonial look, which, by the way, is a favorite style of Virginians. In Texas you’ll see lots of ranches. Yes, your home usually reflects the general style of the community.

As a result, when it’s time to paint the exterior to give it a fresh look, the paint company you choose should know the best colors to accentuate your home. In fact, they should be able to assist in the decision-making process of color selection by offering suggestions based on their professional knowledge. However, here are a few recommendations that should help you start thinking about the right color for your home.

If you own a home by the water, particularly the ocean or a lake, the best colors that blend with the environment are blues, grays and white. These colors help the house blend into the scenery using the water as a backdrop to tranquility. Interestingly, recent decorators suggest that a bright colored door can give the home a fun look. But, approach this idea with caution!

A colonial home generally presents best with classic colors such as grays, greens, soft yellows, blues or the quintessential whites. Again, decorators in recent years have recommended a bright color door to offset the mild look of light colored paint. Take pictures of homes that have made that choice and think it over before using this idea for your own home.

Ranch homes are one-floor styles of the 1950s. In their heyday they could be painted any color and often were! Today, however, they present best in muted tones of browns, grays, blues or even avocado. Bright colors are no longer acceptable.

Finally, Victorian homes tend to look good in any number of colors, so you are able to choose a color that suits your personal taste. Don’t forget that the shingles, driveway and other accents of the home can be tailored to your style as well. Looking to redo your home’s exterior? Let the professionals at University Painters, Inc. provide you with exceptional service!