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Written by Colleen Kalil

Recommendations to Facility Managers Hiring Commercial Paint Companies

Whether you are the owner of a commercial property or the manager of the facility – there are certain considerations that should be taken under advisement as you set out to find a commercial paint company for your structure.

Let us start by agreeing that in most instances the presentation of the building and property are an important asset. They are a silent confirmation that the owner takes pride in their business and that bodes well for potential customers. Of course, there are exceptions when a customer does not decide if they would engage the company based solely on the façade (for example, many people still expect auto garages to exude a greasy atmosphere with workers in coveralls and dirty parts all around).

What the building or commercial property looks like on the outside is often an important component to bringing the customer to the threshold. A worn-down look will definitely be a deterrent to potential consumers. That makes the responsibility of the facility manager all the more important. Here are some tips to make the job of hiring a commercial paint company a positive experience.

• Map out the extent of the work that will be required in advance. That will require attention to detail and reflection. Perform a thorough walk-around of the building. Get up close and look for spots that need repair. Ensure that you know and can iterate the exact expectations so there will be no confusion when a contract is awarded.

• Inquire with your business neighbors about any commercial painting they have had done and ask for recommendations. Start by contacting these companies and inviting them in to give an estimate. Make sure the estimate is in writing and pay attention to the details. Perhaps the company does not do its own cleanup. Or maybe they are only available certain hours. Find out in advance so there are no surprises. Also ask about warranties and guarantees.

• Determine if they have licenses to handle industrial materials. What is their experience with substrates? What types of commercial painting have they done in the past?

• Consider expanding your search outside the recommendations of your neighbors. There are a variety of online resources that will provide references for commercial painters.

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