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Written by Josh Jablon

Does Your Home Need Spring Maintenance?

Home Painters, Exterior Painting,Power washing Services

Our homes are one of our biggest investments and at the change of each season it is important to check our homes for any damage that may have occurred due to weather and harsh temperatures! Here are a few things to look for this spring…

  1. Chipped or Cracked paint on your homes exterior. — Leaving this untreated can lead to rot and other further damage to your home!
  2. Dirt and mildew on your siding. — A power wash goes a long way to clean and brighten your home.
  3. Cracked or missing Caulking/Sealing around windows and doors. — Re-caulking is important to seal out moisture and will help with your energy bills.Decking and fencing around your home. — Does it need to be cleaned, stained and resealed? Properly maintaining your decking and fencing will help to extend its life!

If you have any questions after examining your home feel free to contact us at University Painters and we can send out one of our experts to do a walk around with you and suggest any repairs and improvements for proper home maintenance that you may need!