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Written by Colleen Kalil

Sprucing Up Your Home With Accent Walls

During the dark and dreary days of winter, sometimes you crave just a little, well . . . color! Adding bright splashes of color to your home’s interior is a great way to cheer up your home and yourself, especially when it’s cold and drab outside. Whether you want to add a lot of color or just a few inspired touches to your home, University Painters can help. If you’re not ready to paint your entire interior, choosing a few walls to accent with complementary hues might be the perfect solution.

Unlike other decorative strategies like wallpaper, paint is much easier to change if you decide to modify your decorating scheme in the future. There’s also a virtually endless range of hues to choose from, whether you prefer adding vivid tones to contrast sharply with your current palette, or would rather have softer, muted colors that blend in with the rest of your decor.

Accent walls are appropriate for every room in the house. In the living room, kitchen, or dining area, one bright wall can add a pop of color that transforms the look of the entire space. In a bedroom, you might want to do two opposing walls in a complementary shade, and tie it all together with a coordinating fabric bedspread or duvet. Or, paint the wall at the head of the bed to create a natural focal point. For a small powder bathroom, you can go bold and paint the entire room in a color you wouldn’t dare use in the rest of your home. It will contrast with the gleaming white porcelain and provide guests with an unexpected pop of color.

Some large rooms can seem cavernous and unwelcoming, and an accent wall is an ideal way to break up the space. It draws the eye to a single area in the room so it becomes less of an overwhelmingly huge space. Whatever your vision or ideas for an accent wall, University Painters can help you achieve them. Please visit our website at www.universitypainters.com.