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Written by Colleen Kalil

Stains You Won’t Want to Get Out!

Spring and summer are peak times to update your home’s exterior. The gloomy and gray skies are gone and you are able to see how your house looks more clearly. If your home’s wooden exterior looks worn and faded, it is time to give it a fresh look. If you have a home that is ‘stained’, then this blog should be very helpful.

First, there are a variety of stain options for your home. A clear stain will allow the natural grain of the wood and its color to shine through. An application of clear stain will also allow the wood to weather naturally. If you add toner this will give the wood just a hint of color. As you might expect, there are a wide variety of toner options on the market. A toner, much like the clear stain, will still allow the natural color to shine through. A semi-translucent stain is more intense in color but also allows you to see the natural grain and texture of the wood to which it is applied. Finally, a solid stain will cover the grain, but the texture will still be visible.

Deciding on a stain should not be solely dependent on the color you want for your home’s presentation. It is important to realize that the darker the stain the better protection it gives your wood in all different types of weather. If your home’s exterior is covered with paint your only option will be to use a solid stain. No matter what stain you use, you should also keep in mind how it will blend or conflict with the color of your roof, garage door, windows and other components. Decide in advance if you want it to contrast or blend.

Staining your home is much different than painting it. It can make a bold statement, depending on the neighborhood in which it is used. Before taking this step it is advisable to choose a couple of stain options and apply them in small patches on different areas of the house. Take some time to ‘try them on’ and see which one you like best.

If you are looking for professional help creating that ‘stained finish’ to your home, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc.