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Written by Colleen Kalil

Waterproofing the Exterior of a Commercial Structure

No matter what a structure is comprised of – brick, wood, aluminum or other material – there is no question that exposure to the elements can lead to the deterioration of the building. Perhaps one of the most damaging natural elements is water. Moisture can result in a variety of issues to the integrity of the building. It also can lead to other problems with air quality, roof sturdiness and even the heartiness of interior and exterior finishes.

Many businesses have taken to waterproofing their commercial exteriors to prevent the variety of types of damage that rain, sleet and other watery weather can cause. While it is always a good idea to consider waterproofing the building at the beginning of the construction process, it is a task that can be examined at any time.

Water can be devastating to a structure over time. What appears to be an inconsequential small drip can lead to damage to the building’s foundation, roof and all parts of the building in between. Water that sits at the foundation of a building can wear down even the sturdiest of materials and eventually lead to cracks and leaks as the water finds its way into your building. Cracks can also appear in windows and walls, roofs and decks that surround a building. Once this type of damage occurs it is often costly to repair.

When water finds its way into the roof, the structural damage it can cause may be very extensive. It can affect everything from the HVAC to ceiling tiles, furniture and floors. It also affects your air quality in the building. Often a small leak in the roof may go unnoticed and lead to mold and bug infestations.

Waterproofing a building can be done anytime from initial construction to renovations and is an excellent investment because it protects your investment! Waterproofing will ensure the structural integrity of your commercial (or residential) exterior. It will also ensure better air quality for businesses that do not have exposure to natural air through open windows and doors. Waterproofing also makes your building more energy efficient, preserves the value of the property and extends the lifetime of your building.

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