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Written by Colleen Kalil

What is the Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Perhaps you were driving home from work recently and noticed that a neighbor had employed the services of a professional painting company. You see several people hard at work laying tarps, positioning ladders and mixing paint and it occurs to you that it might be a good time to get your own home’s exterior updated.

While deciding when to paint the outside of your home may seem like a simple decision, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into consideration. This brief article will offer some advice on the subject.

• One of the most important factors to be taken into consideration when deciding when to paint your home’s exterior is the time of year and the weather. The best weather conditions under which the home will respond most optimally is dry and mild temperatures.
• While some experts have claimed in the past that the outdoor temperature should be at least 50 degrees, recent developments in paint manufacturing have created a product that can be applied during temperatures that may fall as low as 35 degrees. As a result, the window for exterior home painting has expanded in many areas across the country.
• Temperature extremes are not ideal for the endurance of an exterior paint job. In other words, if you live in an area where temperatures may soar during the day and then fall precipitously at night – it may be better to wait until a time of year when there is not a great difference between the day and night temperatures.
• There are some experts who assert that painting your home in winter weather is not off-limits. This is especially relevant to those who live in the Northeast part of the country. There are time periods when temperatures and climate are conducive to exterior painting. Perhaps the home can be painted in smaller sections with the paint company taking a break for inclement weather. All that is needed is to look at the extended weather forecast to make winter painting decisions.

Winter painting has its advantages. Often the air is drier when there is no precipitation forecasted and as the season is slower, the exterior paint company may be more readily available. Just think – if you do paint in the winter, your house will be ready for display when the first hints of spring arrive!

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