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Written by Colleen Kalil

When Bricks and Stones Make up Your Home

There are few things that exude grandeur more subtly than a home made of brick or stone. Both tend to have a timely presentation that doesn’t age. However, it is not unheard of for people to want to change the look of the home on occasion and they may resort to painting over the brick or stone exterior. What follows is some information about painting the bricks and stones that make up your home!

• While some like the weathered look of stone – others want a fresher appearance. This can be achieved through the use of a special type of paint designed specifically for stone exteriors called ‘masonry paint’. This paint has been developed with chemicals that bond to stone. These paints are also able to seal the stone to prevent further weathering or cracking and will seal out moisture that can erode the material.


The first step is always to complete a thorough washing of the home’s exterior in weather that will allow it to dry completely. In the case of stone exteriors, it is not recommended that you power wash but use a gentle soap and scrub brush and then rinse with the garden hose. Make any repairs to the stone before you begin painting.

Mix the paint thoroughly. This type of painting calls for the use of a special type of brush because of the rough exterior of stone. With an angled, trim-style paintbrush dab the paint onto the outer part of the stone exterior, taking your time to get paint into the grooves and natural cracks of the material. Use a large paint brush for the main facade of the rock but continue to apply with dabbing motions. You may need to apply two to three coats to get the look you want. Be sure to allow the paint to dry thoroughly in between applications.

Painting the exterior of a brick home is similar. You must clean the exterior and let it dry. Make any necessary repairs before beginning the painting process. You may choose a more expensive type of paint called elastomeric or the more inexpensive acrylic. With brick homes you are able to apply paint with a roller or sprayer. Add a second coat once the first has dried thoroughly.

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