Written by Colleen Kalil

Three Suggestions to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

The way your company presents itself to the public sends a subliminal message to potential clients and patrons. A well-kept business exterior tells the world you have pride and self-respect. It says you care for and take care of your company and its employees and want others to be part of your experience no matter what line of business you are in.

It is important to ensure that the exterior painting company you retain is competent and knowledgeable about all aspects of the exterior painting business. What follows are three suggestions to follow when looking for the right commercial painting company to meet your needs.

  • Review the companies that specialize in commercial exterior painting in your area. Whittle it down to no more than half a dozen that sound the most promising. Then take the time to research their credentials. Look for other organizations that have used each company’s services and find out their level of satisfaction. All things need to be taken into consideration including price, quality and time. Get more than one review and don’t always trust reviews you read on line. Take the time to contact one or two reviewers and get their insight first-hand.
  • A truly seasoned and professional exterior painting company will be able to come in and size up the job you need and find areas where resources can be maximized to save you money in the end. You want a company that will value their own business assets of time, money and resources to the same extent you do. You must beware of companies that will offer a low-ball bid only to come back later and tack on the cost of ‘extras’ that should be part of the job! Or, perhaps you chose a commercial exterior painting company that offered a decent price but in the end will not meet deadlines. Quality and professionalism exists in every business – look for it in your commercial paint company.
  • Ask for a safety plan upfront that is tailored to your particular job site. This helps to ensure that the professional commercial paint company has put in the proper time and thought to research your job in advance of its start date.  You don’t want to find out in the middle of the job that the company is unfamiliar with OSHA standards and that you could be liable for an accident.

University Painters, Inc. are seasoned professionals in the commercial and residential paint market. Contact us for an estimate today.

House Painter Exterior Painting
Written by Colleen Kalil

Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior for the Holidays

One of the busiest times of the year for socializing are the final two months of the year. They tend to pass in a whirlwind of dinners and parties, and people coming and going from your home. Now, you may not be able to totally redo your home’s exterior but there are some tips that will make your home shine for those guests who come knocking at your door.

  • Start by doing an entire walk around the house. Consider areas that you want to be highlighted when people drive by or stop in to visit. The entry way is often the introduction to your home and as such it should be a reflection of how you want to greet people. It’s the proverbial ‘first impression’, where you never get a chance to make a second one? Even in those climates most inclined to inclement weather there is usually a window of time where you can add a fresh coat of paint that will dry before the next storm. A freshly painted door is a great way to say Welcome!
  • Be sure to include planters, window boxes and other trims in the quick exterior paint touch ups. They can be contrasting in color, carry a theme across the home or be accented in a way that is decorative, fun and unique. Think about what you want your home to say to others and invite the expertise of a professional exterior home painter in the process. Use greenery such as pine boughs or holly to emphasize the holiday theme in the north and be inventive if you live in a warmer, winter climate.
  • Clear your sidewalks, gutters and shrubbery. Give everything a fresh, clean look and then decide the extent and type of lighting you might use. There are many types of exterior lighting fixtures that require little or no electrical cords or other extensive supports to keep them illuminated.

The intent is to brighten up and show off your home’s exterior. Everyone loves to put their best foot forward at the holidays. Be a part of the festivity – plan ahead and invite the expertise and professionalism of the trusted exterior home painting company, University Painters, Inc. to be a part of the planning and execution!

Written by Colleen Kalil

The Cons of an Amateur Painting Your Business Exterior

Perhaps you have noticed that the outside of your business is looking a little run-down…nothing that a fresh coat of paint slapped on the walls won’t help. Or will it? All too often small business owners look to cut corners and save money by taking on the monumental task of painting their business’s exterior by themselves. This tends to be problematic in the end because painting is a more complex undertaking than most people realize. In this blog the goal will be to give you some valuable reasons NOT to take on painting your commercial property all by yourself but to rely on the professionalism of a commercial painting service instead.

    1. Commercial painting companies are knowledgeable and trained in the health and safety practices required by OSHA to receive and maintain licensure in your state. This covers a variety of important procedures that include (but are not limited to) handling paint in its various forms (aerosol, canned, etc.), utilizing associated painting tools such as compressed air & sand and water blasting appliances, and even such seemingly elementary items as paint mixers and ladders. OSHA certification can be a cost-saver in the end because accidents that occur due to a lack of this knowledge can put the business at risk of liability.
    2. Hiring a commercial paint company will save time in the end. You should be spending your best working hours chasing new business or meeting client expectations instead of taking off time to tediously spruce up the place. It is unlikely you will be able to devote the same high quality time and attention to the task that you give during your peak hours and the thought of single-handedly updating the exterior is a more momentous task than most realize until they are in the middle of it! In the end, ‘many hands make light work’ is the motto that commercial paint companies live by!
    3. Commercial painters are able to assess and identify building issues that may be important to attend to prior to the beginning of any exterior painting. Part of an assessment by the professional painting company would include an itemization of issues such as mold on the building or similar problems.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as DIY’ers. But in many cases, it is better to leave the real work to the professionals. If you are in need of commercial exterior painting, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Give the Gift of Exterior Painting

House Painter Interior painting JobsIt’s that time again when you rack your brain to come up with a unique and worthwhile gift for someone close to you. It may be a family member or an especially dear colleague. Perhaps you are committed to giving back to someone in your community but do not want to bestow a gift that will remain unused and unremembered in a short amount of time.

This year make a true difference in someone else’s life. Be it your parents or the elderly couple down the street, make arrangements to have the exterior of their home painted and refreshed as part of the holiday preparation. Now, if you live in a part of the country that is experiencing the proverbial white winter, it won’t be possible for their home to be refreshed at this time of year. However, you can still make a gift of exterior painting in the form of a gift card that will ensure them a fresh new look when winter turns to spring and the desire to refresh is at its peak (like a bear coming out of hibernation for the winter!).

However, there are many parts of the country for which it is the perfect time for exterior painting. The weather conditions are more conducive to freshening up your exterior in a way that will guarantee the paint will adhere for optimum results.

Too, as this is considered the off season for many exterior paint companies, they may offer some type of holiday discount or incentive to lure your business. That is in keeping with what is common in all industries and commerce for this time of the year.

If you do choose to give the gift of exterior painting, you will want to meet with the potential companies and obtain estimates and discuss the additional requirements in advance so when the time comes for the job to get started next spring, some of the groundwork has been laid. At the holiday time many exterior painting companies have more time to spend with you on planning for future projects because they may not be as busy.

Finally, some exterior painting companies also provide interior painting services or other additional services that support preparations for home holiday updates and refreshing.

The professionals at University Painters, Inc. are happy to speak to you about all of your residential and commercial exterior painting needs.

Interior Painting,House Painters
Written by Colleen Kalil

A Finished Home Includes a Painted Garage Floor

Interior Painting,House PaintersPeople love to pull up in the driveway of a home that is freshly painted. It exudes a ‘completed’ presentation that is inviting if not totally enchanting. It draws you in…making you want to enter the building to see what awaits you indoors. However, all too often homeowners forget that the garage is a part of the package and even if it is neatly organized a dirty, unfinished garage floor can take away from the overall look of the home. As a homeowner, you should be interested in ensuring that even the most remote and forgotten part of your home gets the proper treatment. In this case we are talking about the garage floor.

Yes, we know the garage is the ‘catch-all’ for all those items that can’t seem to find another place to be stored. It is the place where you keep your car and where fluids are allowed to drip onto the floor with little regard for any damage it may cause. You probably also keep your lawn and outdoor equipment stored there, further allowing for grease and oil spots to build up.

When you think about it, you might actually decide that you need a space in the house where you don’t have to keep everything pristine. Well, we’d like to offer some arguments against this very notion and encourage you to have your garage floor painted. Read on!

First and perhaps most importantly, a finished garage floor will help ward off pollutants. The proper floor covering will prevent oil and other chemicals from sticking to the floor and causing a build-up that can be dangerous over time, both from fumes and potential flammability.

A garage floor painted with an epoxy will be easier to clean and keep clean. This finish is less likely to gather dust and dirt and when it’s time to clean, often a simple water/soap solution or water blaster will do the job quickly and efficiently. This can’t be said of unfinished garage floors.

Interestingly, and often overlooked, is the fact that a finished garage floor is more energy efficient. When working in a garage with an unfinished floor, the light is absorbed by the dark concrete. The opposite is true of a brightly that reflects the light back into the work area.

So, homeowners, don’t overlook the garage floor when painting your home. If you are in need of a professional paint service to complete the job for you, contact University Painters, Inc. Your home is our business.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

21st Century Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Practices

House Painters Interior paintinfIn today’s world it is essential to be ecologically aware and proactive in all business-related actions. Exterior paint companies are no different. This is especially true with tools and supplies that may lend themselves to environmentally friendly applications and outcomes. If you are in the market for an exterior home or commercial painting job, ask your painting contractor whether or not they follow any of these environmental practices.

  1. Use ‘lead-safe’ practices. The EPA has prepared an extensive list of rules and regulations for the paint and renovation industry to follow for the safest removal and disposal of ‘lead-paint’ materials. Click this link for more information Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting. While the intent of this entry is not to provide an extensive reiteration of the document it bears noting there are guidelines for setting up, cleaning, and proper dumping of all paint refuse.
  2. Recycle all paint related products whenever possible. This includes the paint cans and solvents, worn brushes and other paint tools. The commercial and residential paint company should have the name, number and address of the recycling organization in the area that accepts these specific types of materials, as well as what is necessary to prepare them for recycling in advance. For example, must the paint cans be cleaned out? Should the brushes be free of paint residue…and more.
  3. Ask prospective commercial and residential paint companies that you are considering for your job what their perspective is on quality tools. While some paint businesses find it better or more convenient to go with the most inexpensive tools on the market and replace them regularly, there is an argument for purchasing the most well-made brushes and related items that can be reused for longer periods of time.
  4. Does the company purchase low or zero-VOC paints (volatile organic compounds)? Painters that are knowledgeable regarding this subject are likely more eco-friendly in their business practices as a whole.

If you are looking for professional commercial and residential painting services contact University Painters, Inc. They are environmentally responsible and offer outstanding work.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Residential Vs Commercial Painting

House Painters Commercial PaintersResidential painting’ is the professional term for ‘house painting’. The professional term is used by professional painters and you should never underestimate the expertise of painters and companies that claim they are qualified for this occupation. While ‘house painting’ may seem like a ‘no-brainer’, there is a lot involved in ensuring that a homeowner receives a quality outcome.

Residential painters usually provide a variety of services. When you contact a company, they will arrange to visit the home and create a detailed quote for the expected job. Many paint companies will do this without requiring a deposit or some form of fee for their time. However, even if the company does require payment for the quote, you must remember that ‘time is money’ and the paint company understands that you will likely be shopping around for the most cost-effective residential painter to fill your needs.

Keep in mind that residential painting does not simply imply home exteriors. There is a whole list of painting services they can provide. These include interior painting of walls, ceilings and trim. Caulking and sealing and drywall repair are also options. Additionally decks and fences, staining and stucco fall under the category of residential painting.

On the other hand, commercial painting addresses much larger jobs. Everything from restaurants to offices and schools to hospitals fall under this category. Think of any business you drive by, from retail establishments to churches then realize that most of these buildings have been painted at some point! Commercial painters have a broader range of expertise. That is because they work with commercial building contractors, or in the case of apartment buildings or condos, they will interact with HOAs. It may surprise you to learn that commercial painters are able to take blueprints of buildings not yet constructed and provide a quote for the potential structure!

If you are in the market for a commercial painter, please note they provide the following services including interior and exterior painting of hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, and other buildings. You can also rely on them to provide power washing and decorative or logo painting. Many do repairs such as window replacement and masonry refurbishing.

If you need residential or commercial painting services, please contact the professionals at University Painters, Inc. Your home and business…are our business!

Interior Exterior Painting
Written by Colleen Kalil

Color Choices & Your Mood

Interior Exterior PaintingYes, it’s true. Color has a psychological effect on your mood. There is an actual area of study that focuses solely on this and it’s called color psychology. Simply defined it is the study of hues ‘as a determinant of human behavior’. Color can have both positive and negative effects on individuals. Some will elicit happiness, others anger, and still others depression.

While there is no question that color can influence a person’s mood, there are a variety of factors that must be taken into consideration. For example, age, gender and culture all play a role in how a color is perceived by the individual. Some studies have shown that men find women more attractive when they are wearing the color red! Research also confirms that warm colors may invoke more of a tendency to make a spontaneous purchase! It is obvious that color psychology is complex, interesting and useful.

But what does this have to do with exterior, interior and commercial painting? Well, a lot actually. After all, when you undertake a painting project the aim is to improve the overall presentation of a room, home or business. It could generally be accepted that the outcome should be one that fosters happiness and pride. So, more than a little thought should go into the colors you choose for any paint job.

Remember that red and orange are stimulating. These are hues that must be used after much reflection and thought. Most often, they are not good color choices for the outside of a home or business, except perhaps as trim or accent. Even indoors, red and orange are powerful and should be used sparingly unless the aim of the room is to be stimulating.

Meanwhile, the color white invokes visions of cleanliness and purity. It is overwhelming the choice of color for many business and home exteriors. It gives a feeling of sterility (austerity even to some extent), so it is hardly a color to give to a room where people and family gather.

Ultimately, every color tends to evoke subtle emotions. Keep this in mind when you set out to improve your home’s appearance. Take some time and get comfortable with a color before you make it a permanent part of your residence or business.

If you have questions about residential or commercial painting, please call the experts at University Painters, Inc. for answers. Your home is our business.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Seasonal Painting

House Painter Exterior PaintingIt may seem that exterior and interior painting is an all-year-round event. But the truth of the matter is that no matter where you live, summer seems to be the best season for painting. What is the allure of this time of year? To start with, paint loves the heat. Often there is less rain in the summer months than other times of the year, which gives you longer windows of time to apply the paint without fear of it being washed away.

Despite the fact that spring and fall seem to offer better climate conditions – breezy, cool days and cool nights – these times of the year are also the most unpredictable. In other words, you may start a project and get hit with an unexpected storm or a light rain shower. The summer offers more sustainable weather conducive to all your outdoor projects.

Continued warm weather ensures the surface is dry which is the only type of surface that will accept paint. If an area has experienced a recent hard rain, the surface of the home’s exterior may feel dry but be saturated underneath. Experienced painters know how to determine if a surface is optimally ready to receive paint.

If paint is applied to a surface that is moist underneath, it will adversely affect the drying paint. However, summer is also a time that dew tends to collect on things in the early morning hours. So you will need to rely on the expertise of the painting company you hire to ensure they are knowledgeable in prime paint application times.

For the inexperienced home exterior painter, the worst time to paint the outside of a home is when it is cool outside – forty degrees or below.

To recap:

  • Outdoor projects of all types are best conducted during the summer months. This includes painting the exterior of the home including trim. The reasoning is the heat ensures the surface is dry, which allows the paint to ‘cure’.
  • Allow the home’s surface to dry in the sunshine prior to painting in the morning.
  • Finally, painting during the earlier summer months will allow you to find and seal rot that may have occurred during the winter.

For more information on painting seasons and related information, contact the experts at University Painters, Inc. Your home is our business!

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Freshen Your Outdoor Look for the Holidays

exterior painting, home paintersThe time is almost upon us. You know what I mean. The whirlwind of holidays that trip over each other from October to the beginning of the new year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,

Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s run into each other with hardly a moment to take a breath! Homeowners are advised to look over their property now with a critical eye for upgrades that will help give their home that festive look.

Even though in many parts of the country the weather is taking a turn for the worse, there’s still time to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home. In fact, painting the outside of your home may be the simplest way to give your home curb appeal even if you have no intention of selling. When those trick-or-treaters come knocking at your door or the family shows up en masse with a fruitcake in one hand and gifts in the other, you will be able to feel an extra sense of pride knowing your home is ‘showcase ready’ for everyone to enjoy.

Remember, paint fades over time and the process is accelerated by the affects of sun, snow, wind and rain. When you look at your house day after day you may not notice that the exterior is waning and perhaps even a bit shabby. As September melts into October there is still time to have your home painted before winter sets in. Although each house is a unique circumstance, the average time frame for painting the outside of a house is roughly four days.

So, in the time span of a little more than a weekend you can have a whole new look to your home. We hope this blog has given you the push you need to arrange for a professional paint company to provide an estimate and time frame to update your home’s exterior. If you are in the market for an exceptional painting company, please give the experts at University Painters, Inc. a call. We provide superior customer service and our goal is your satisfaction.

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