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Written by Colleen Kalil

21st Century Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Practices

House Painters Interior paintinfIn today’s world it is essential to be ecologically aware and proactive in all business-related actions. Exterior paint companies are no different. This is especially true with tools and supplies that may lend themselves to environmentally friendly applications and outcomes. If you are in the market for an exterior home or commercial painting job, ask your painting contractor whether or not they follow any of these environmental practices.

  1. Use ‘lead-safe’ practices. The EPA has prepared an extensive list of rules and regulations for the paint and renovation industry to follow for the safest removal and disposal of ‘lead-paint’ materials. Click this link for more information Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting. While the intent of this entry is not to provide an extensive reiteration of the document it bears noting there are guidelines for setting up, cleaning, and proper dumping of all paint refuse.
  2. Recycle all paint related products whenever possible. This includes the paint cans and solvents, worn brushes and other paint tools. The commercial and residential paint company should have the name, number and address of the recycling organization in the area that accepts these specific types of materials, as well as what is necessary to prepare them for recycling in advance. For example, must the paint cans be cleaned out? Should the brushes be free of paint residue…and more.
  3. Ask prospective commercial and residential paint companies that you are considering for your job what their perspective is on quality tools. While some paint businesses find it better or more convenient to go with the most inexpensive tools on the market and replace them regularly, there is an argument for purchasing the most well-made brushes and related items that can be reused for longer periods of time.
  4. Does the company purchase low or zero-VOC paints (volatile organic compounds)? Painters that are knowledgeable regarding this subject are likely more eco-friendly in their business practices as a whole.

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