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Written by Colleen Kalil

What Colors Should You Paint The Nursery?

One of the most exciting things parents do before the arrival of a new baby is prepare the nursery. Unfortunately, parents are often stuck between choosing between pink or blue when deciding what color to paint the nursery. Unfortunately, these two colors are not always the best choice. There are other options and paint colors that you can consider. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Think Long Term

Your baby may love pink now but it will not take long before your little one will grow up and have a change of heart. To create a look that lasts, put aside the traditional pastel colors and opt for a more sophisticated color scheme. You can try a navy, coral or minty green. You may also go for a rich and neutral shade that you can complement with updatable accent colors.

Consider How Colors Can Affect Your Little One

Colors can have influence on your child. According to the science of psychology, colors can significantly affect the mood, behavior and physical well-being of children, so keep this in mind when choosing colors for the nursery. For a start, choose colors that can help soothe your baby. These hues include muted greens, subdued blues, soft whites and pale purples.

Settle On A Style Or Theme

If you have a hard time choosing colors, you may want to select a style or a theme instead. A theme can evoke a specific color. A pirate theme, for instance, entails an ocean-inspired blue. Choose a theme that you like and let your imagination guide you.

Get A Well-Balanced Color Scheme

Do not overwhelm the nursery with an array of colors. Limit the selection to a single primary shade and two accent colors at the most. Feature each shade several times throughout the space and aim for at least three uses per color. This can help create continuity that can ensure a flowing and well-coordinated design.

Remember that colors can look different once they are painted on the wall so before painting the whole room, consider taking home a sample and painting a large swatch to see for yourself how the paint will look in the nursery. It is also a good idea to entrust the painting job to a professional with years of experience in the industry.Contact us at University Painters to learn how we can help you prepare the nursery for your little one.