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Written by Colleen Kalil

A Simple Guide to Finding the Paint Company for Your Job

So, you have decided the time has come to freshen up the look of your home or business. You’ve done a walk-around several times and know that exterior painting will make the structure look like new. You have also determined it is a job you do not wish to take on, so the next step is to find a paint company to do the job for you. But, how do you go about finding the right paint business for your needs? What follows are some simple guidelines that should help you “pick the perfect painters for your final presentation”!

• Start by reflecting on what you expect from the company you choose to paint your home. Perhaps price is the greatest consideration. Maybe your time frame is most critical. You should have some idea in mind of what your expectations are but be prepared to be flexible. Ultimately, you may find one company offers an attractive price while the other is able to meet your time constraints.

• Next, go ahead and contact your friends, family, and co-workers. If you know someone who has had their home or business painted professionally recently, they may be your best resource. A satisfied customer is a business’s best reference. Even though there are plenty of places to ‘post’ or comment on a company’s work – not everyone is inclined to do so positively or can make the time.

• Now, identify the list of business review sites that are considered to be the most credible. Certainly, these would include such resources as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Facebook and others. This should make the job of finding authentic feedback about a potential company much easier.

• Take your time reading the reviews and then prepare a list of no more than half a dozen companies you think will meet your needs. Contact them individually and arrange to meet with them. Have them do a walk-around of your home or business then provide a quote. Make sure there are no hidden fees.

• Finally, take a few days and consider your options then ‘go for it’. Putting in the time to find the right company in advance will better ensure you will be happy with the results.

Contact University Painters, Inc. for a company that will meet your needs.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

How We Choose Our Painters

At University Painters, we pride ourselves on hiring only highly skilled and qualified professional painters to work on your project. While paint may not seem like something that needs too much thought, a great (or terrible) paint job can either make or break the overall look of a home, building, or office space. Hiring an experienced contractor is vital to achieving a professional result.

As our client, you may wonder how we choose our painters, and what kind of training they must undergo before we assign them to a job site. When evaluating potential painters to hire, we thoroughly research their prior experience and talk extensively with their references. Getting the details right is important to our business, so we make it a point to bring only the most detail-oriented workers onto our team.

Painters must be familiar will all the required tools, including a range of brushes, rollers, scrapers, and sanders. They must also be skilled in the use of various texturing tools and know which ones to use to achieve the desired effects. Different tools are required depending on whether the work is done on the interior or exterior of a building while other tools are used for special techniques, styles, or textures.

Knowing which kind of paint to use on a particular project is important for a successful outcome. Paints vary not only by their color, but also by their thickness, texture, sheen, drying time, and a host of other considerations. Painters who choose the wrong products for the job could end up with peeling, cracking paint, or simply a paint job that just doesn’t look as good as it should have.

While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, a painter needs a great deal of manual dexterity in order to achieve a smooth, crisp finish. They must also have the strength and physical ability to move equipment efficiently and safely, as well as a good sense of balance to avoid falling off ladders and roofs.

Our teams at University Painters possess all these skills and abilities, and put them to work for you. For more information on our complete range of services, please visit our website at https://universitypainters.com.

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Written by Colleen Kalil

Shopping Around for A Residential or Commercial Painter

If you are thinking about having your residence or commercial property painted, we advise you to shop around before you make your final decision. There are many things that should be taken into consideration.

Of course, today most people use the internet to find a painter. You might try Craigslist or any of the dozens of other online classified sites. Now you are able to get reviews of the work the company has provided through the use of numerous business review sites. For instance, Yelp is a popular business review site but equally as valuable are such destinations as Foursquare and Angie’s List.

Once you have invested the time in identifying companies and read their reviews, you should contact two or three then take the time to meet with a representative from each company. It is advisable to take notes and request information they may have in the form of brochures, packets or other printed materials. Ask for quotes from each company then set them aside for a day before you begin your decision-making process.

Lay the quotes side by side. Does one seem much less expensive than others? If that is the case and you are interested in getting the ‘most bang for your buck’ don’t let the bottom line be the only factor you take into account. Sometimes the quote will mask hidden fees or other issues. Perhaps the savings will come in the form of low-quality supplies such as paint or inexperienced painters. Or the job may take longer than expected or the company may find some ‘unexpected reason’ that additional funds will be needed.

Ultimately, you want the best job to be done by qualified workers. You want workers to come to your home or place of business and behave professionally and efficiently. Your home or business are your most valuable possessions so it is a good idea to put the time into finding the most reputable paint company before you sign a contract.

And, speaking of contracts, don’t forget to get one!

Looking for a reputable paint company? Contact University Painters, Inc. We are a respected and experienced company that guarantees your satisfaction!

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Written by Colleen Kalil

To License or Not to License

Just like doctors, lawyers, nurses and a wide assortment of other professions, painters may need to hold a license in order to operate. Overall, occupational licensing is a controversial subject. The more formal title for the process is ‘occupational licensure’. Each state is able to set up their own parameters for what occupations they would like to have licensed so the person who is employed in that field can receive compensation for their services. According to one group of researchers, the number of occupations that require licensure has skyrocketed over the last six decades. Where as once only one in twenty occupations required licensing today it is nearly one in four!

So, if you are interested in starting a painting business your first step should be to investigate the requirements of your state. And if you are looking for a reputable painting company you should also find out what the state requires. Licensing gives the consumer greater confidence in the supplier of a product or service.

But, there is no question that every state has different expectations. Some have highly stringent licensure requirements such as Arizona, whom many say has the toughest expectations in the land, and others do not require a license at all in order to operate a painting contract business. For example, Michigan just dropped the need to have a license in order to alter a structure. At the time the requirement was dropped there were 432 licensed contractors who devoted their services solely to painting – at $150 per license to be renewed every three years.

In other instances, a state such as Arizona is now opening their doors to let those with a license in other states automatically qualify for similar licensure. States that have taken an aggressive stance on licensing find that the fees they collect do not offset the cost of oversight of the licensees nor does it make up for the impact it may have on overall economic growth.

So, no matter what side of the fence you’re on – painter or the person looking for a painter – start by ensuring you have all the facts. If you happen to live in a state that does not require a license, then find an alternative means of assessing the company’s competency.

If you are in the market for a residential contractor, contact the professionals at University Painters, Inc. We will treat your home like it’s our own.

Written by Colleen Kalil

Award Winning Painters

There are a number of different ways to judge the quality of a business.  Many times the work speaks for itself, but what about when you don’t have the ability to see the work first hand?  How can you be sure that you are selecting the best company to provide the service you need when you can’t see the quality of their work in person?  Angie’s List is an online directory of different home services that exists for exactly this purpose.  They are a crowd-sourced review site of local businesses and contractors that specializes in rating companies based on customer feedback.  When you can’t see the results first-hand, word of mouth is a very good way to determine the quality of work a business provides.  In addition to listing businesses based on customer satisfaction, Angie’s List uses those same customer reviews to hand out awards.  Awards that are based on the satisfaction of customers are awards that are truly earned and deserved.  The Lancaster, Pennsylvania branch of University Painters won Angie’s List’s Super Service Award in 2018, making them the best option for all of your painting needs, as decided by the consumer.

University Painters are professional painting contractors who have been in business since 1986.  Since then they have built the business based on exemplary customer service and satisfaction, which is what earned Jonathan Frank and his team at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania location the Superior Service Award.

Whether you are in need of an interior painting spruce-up, or a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house, Jonathan Frank’s crew at University Painters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are up to the challenge of providing the best quality and customer service in the industry.  University Painters pride themselves on understanding the best way to beautify and protect your most valuable asset, your home.  The folks at University Painters Lancaster are trained and skilled professional craftsmen, who combine their expertise with the highest quality products to ensure that you are beyond satisfied with the job.

University Painters commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service has earned Jonathan Franks and his team in Lancaster the trust of their clientele, so you know you can trust them with your next paint job.  If you are looking for professional commercial and residential painting services, contact University Painters. They are environmentally responsible and offer outstanding work.

Written by Colleen Kalil

Updating your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen has become the gathering place in many homes, whether for parties, families, homework or just a cup of coffee or to relax. Old outdated cabinets can make the room feel dull and dismal. Why not update those cabinets with a new coat of paint and possibly even replace some of the doors with glass inserts?

You must decide whether to hire a professional to do the job or try to do it yourself.  Below are some things to consider:

  1. Do you have the time it will take to degrease, putty sand, and prime the cabinets for painting?  This of course is all before you even begin to paint. A reputable local painting contractor like University Painters will be able to do the job quickly and professionally.
  2. Which paint sheen or stain will you be going with? Do you prefer the more traditional wooden cabinets stained appearance or do you prefer to update to a new trendy color?  Speaking with a professional will help you know the current trends. Adding glass inserts helps make a kitchen look more modern, while going without knobs or using knobs that match the paint can help make the kitchen feel more streamlined.
  3. As with any painting project you must have the correct tools to do the job right the first time. If you don’t, the cost of purchasing or renting the equipment can be prohibitive. University Painters prides itself on only using high quality equipment and the finest quality paints.
  4. Now to the most important part of the decision – what painting experience do you have? Do you have what it takes to be sure there are no brushstrokes showing or paint applied too thick that runs and leaves an un-even texture? If you decide to take the cabinets down and paint them, have you arranged for the help to re-install them so they get hung evenly?

 As you can see, the best choice comes down to contacting University Painters for changing the look of your outdated cabinets.  Not only will you add value to your kitchen but you’ll make it a more inviting place to entertain family and friends.  We’re here for you at University Painters!

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Written by Josh Jablon

2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Jonathan Frank and University Painters of Lancaster, PA Earn Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Jonathan Frank and University Painters have earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2016.

This achievement is particularly significant as Angie’s List experienced unprecedented member growth in 2016. More than 1.6 million consumers, many of whom were eager to quickly hire highly qualified service pros, joined Angie’s List after the company added a new, free membership tier.

“Companies that can meet higher demands without missing a beat in their exemplary performance standards truly do stand apart from their peers,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Only a fraction of the Painting companies in Pennsylvania were able to do it.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade. The SSA winners must also be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

“We are honored to have received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 6th year in a row in both the interior and exterior painting categories.” says University Painters area manager Jonathan Frank. “University Painters is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and we work hard to ensure each of our projects is successful.”

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For more than 21 years, Angie’s List restricted access to its verified reviews to consumers who paid membership fees. When the company removed that barrier, some companies worried that the new, non-paying members would not be as engaged as members of the past. Experience has shown, however, that these newly added members are just as engaged – across all age groups – as prior members. Also, because the company continues to adhere to its review verification process, there has been no degradation of review quality.

“The biggest change at Angie’s List is that we are connecting even more consumers to high quality service professionals,” Hicks said. “And that’s good for everyone.”


Angie’s List helps facilitate happy transactions between more than 4.5 million consumers nationwide and its collection of highly rated service providers in more than 720 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. Built on a foundation of more than 10 million verified reviews of local service, Angie’s List connects consumers directly to its online marketplace of services from member-reviewed providers, and offers unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.